In the spring, any body needs vit­a­mins that will help main­tain immu­ni­ty, pro­tect it from virus­es and colds, restore vital­i­ty, and warn against aller­gies. Below are the TOP‑5 funds from 170 rubles, which can be found on the Wild­ber­ries web­site today!

1. Mum­my Altai Pre­mi­um 90 cap­sules. Pro­motes:

- increas­ing immu­ni­ty, human ener­gy, resis­tance to adverse envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions, growth and strength­en­ing of hair;

- pro­tect­ing the body from tox­ic sub­stances;

- increase of pro­tec­tive forces;

- fights hair loss, awak­en­ing “sleepy” bulbs

- acts against drowsi­ness, inhibits the growth of path­o­gen­ic bac­te­ria in the gas­troin­testi­nal tract, stim­u­lates the growth of the nat­ur­al intesti­nal microflo­ra.

Arti­cle for WILDBERRIES: 36689346

Price with­out dis­counts: 879 r

2. Vitapri­nol 360 cap­sules — for chron­ic fatigue syn­drome, sup­port­ing immu­ni­ty, for aller­gies, her­pes, hepati­tis, osteo­poro­sis, tuber­cu­lo­sis, prostate ade­no­ma and mastopa­thy.

Arti­cle for WILDBERRIES: 40674001

Price with­out dis­counts: 1 300 r

3. Propo­lis antivi­ral spray, first aid for itch­ing and red­ness.
It has antimi­cro­bial, anal­gesic prop­er­ties, stim­u­lates regen­er­a­tion process­es, copes with ton­sil­li­tis, fights caries and gin­givi­tis.
Suit­able for school chil­dren.

Arti­cle for WILDBERRIES: 29137516

Cost with­out dis­counts: 522 r

4. Nat­ur­al lip balm “Dou­ble Pro­tec­tion”, antivi­ral, with SPF effect, suit­able for solar­i­um and night mask.
Beeswax pro­tects the del­i­cate skin of the lips from chap­ping and dehy­dra­tion.
Vit­a­min E — stim­u­lates vital process­es in the skin, has antiox­i­dant prop­er­ties.
Sea buck­thorn and wild rose extracts — restore, reju­ve­nate.
Shea but­ter — pro­tects the skin from cli­mat­ic influ­ences, smoothes and mois­tur­izes the skin of the lips.

Arti­cle for WILDBERRIES: 60444898

Price with­out dis­counts: 393 rubles, ONLY 170 RUBLES FOR THE PROMOTION!

5. Mumiyo nat­ur­al Altai “Balm of the moun­tains” in tablets 60 pcs. The unique prod­uct of nat­ur­al ori­gin incor­po­rates the best bio­log­i­cal­ly active sub­stances: micro and macro ele­ments, organ­ic and fat­ty acids, amino acids, pro­teins and much more. The bio­chem­i­cal com­po­si­tion pro­vides a vari­ety of prop­er­ties of the prod­uct as an effec­tive means for restor­ing and main­tain­ing the body.
Dif­fer­ence from Mumiyo Altai Pre­mi­um: method of use.

Arti­cle for WILDBERRIES: 34857100

Price with­out dis­counts: 410 r

Love your­self and your body! Give him the best!