We share the most juicy trends, emi­nent inte­ri­or exhi­bi­tions of this year! At the peak of pop­u­lar­i­ty is still the theme of nature and flo­ra. And this is not sur­pris­ing, because in the mod­ern real­i­ty of the metrop­o­lis, we so lack an oasis of green­ery and a breath of fresh air.

Therefore, catch trend number 1 — An abundance of greenery!

We dec­o­rate the house with all kinds of plants, palm trees and flow­ers! And if there is no way to care for real plants or not the sun­ni­est side, then there is great news. In the KARE Design col­lec­tions, a whole line of unique and exot­ic arti­fi­cial plants is pre­sent­ed. They do not need to be watered, you can put them any­where in the house and your cat will def­i­nite­ly not eat them))

Trend # 2 — Natural materials and a variety of textures!

We sur­round our­selves with objects made from nat­ur­al mate­ri­als — wood, nat­ur­al stone, linen, cot­ton, etc. Feel free to mix dif­fer­ent tex­tures!

Trend # 3 — Color and its shades!

We stick to the nat­ur­al col­or palette. Neu­tral shades have not lost their pop­u­lar­i­ty either. And don’t for­get about col­or accents. Every year the Pan­tone Col­or Insti­tute presents its own ver­sion of trendy col­ors. We can use them in decor or dec­o­ra­tion. This spring-sum­mer sea­son, the palette includes both bright and sat­u­rat­ed tones (dark gray, cof­fee, pur­ple, blue-green, scar­let, hot pink and sun­ny yel­low), as well as del­i­cate and grace­ful (pink and blue rem­i­nis­cent of cot­ton can­dy). ; lilac like an orchid petal and sub­tle yel­low like salt­ed pop­corn). Col­or stretch­ing is also rel­e­vant this year. We take one col­or as a base and use sev­er­al of its shades. From dark­est to light­est.

Trend number 3 — large prints!

More and more love is won by large images of veg­e­ta­tion — on the walls, fur­ni­ture and acces­sories. Nature in every detail! Design­ers often use this tech­nique by high­light­ing a sep­a­rate wall, for exam­ple, using a fres­co tech­nique or wall­pa­per with large leaves and flow­ers. But if there is no time and desire for repairs, but you want updates, we use pan­els, posters and wall decor. Or use a piece of fur­ni­ture with a large print as an accent, such as this stool chair from KARE Design

Trend No. 4 — Mirrors of unusual shapes!

Mir­rors in the inte­ri­or are a very impor­tant com­po­nent. With their help, we can enlarge the space, add light and make a big inter­est­ing accent. This year, round­ed and unusu­al shapes of mir­rors are in the lead.

Trend No. 5 — Light is everywhere and everywhere!

Yes exact­ly! Light is the basis of the whole inte­ri­or! It sets the mood, expands and nar­rows the space, cre­ates a spe­cial atmos­phere, empha­sizes the dig­ni­ty of the liv­ing space. To high­light the desired area, you can use pen­dant lights. If you want to cre­ate more atmos­pher­ic light­ing, use dif­fer­ent lev­els of light, such as floor lamps and table lamps. There are nev­er too many lamps, and each moment has its own.

Always unique, absolute­ly not bor­ing — the mot­to of the inte­ri­or brand KARE from Munich. Being pop­u­lar in 50 coun­tries, it is famous for its unusu­al inte­ri­or solu­tions for indi­vid­u­al­ists. Dis­cov­er trendy col­lec­tions of design­er fur­ni­ture, light­ing and acces­sories in dif­fer­ent styles right now. https://www.wildberries.ru/brands/kare-design