Some­one knows how to make cof­fee in an ori­en­tal way from child­hood. It was almost the only known method used by our grand­par­ents and par­ents. Oth­ers believe that Turk­ish cof­fee is out­dat­ed and replaced by cof­fee machines.

Let’s find out how to make Turk­ish cof­fee cor­rect­ly and what are its advan­tages.

Secret number 1. Grinding

Turk loves fine grind­ing. The small­er the bet­ter. What is a grind?

Grind­ing cof­fee is the degree to which cof­fee beans are ground using cof­fee grinders. The grind­ing of grain is respon­si­ble for the taste of the drink and the way it is pre­pared.

Ultra­fine or fine grind­ing is the degree at which ground cof­fee under­goes max­i­mum extrac­tion when brewed in a cezve. Upon con­tact with hot water, such cof­fee reveals its fla­vor and aro­ma prop­er­ties, and the grounds set­tle at the bot­tom of the cup.

If you choose a medi­um or coarse grind, you can also brew cof­fee in a Turk. But its taste may turn out to be less sat­u­rat­ed, and undis­solved par­ti­cles will pre­vent you from enjoy­ing the drink.

Secret number 2. Sugar

When brew­ing cof­fee in an ori­en­tal way, you can add both sug­ar and spices. For exam­ple, nut­meg, cin­na­mon, cloves.

Instead of sug­ar, I rec­om­mend try­ing cof­fee with hon­ey. Its rich, almost caramelized sweet­ness pairs well with the taste of ground cof­fee.

Don’t go over­board with sweet­en­ers. The taste of Turk­ish cof­fee is so rich and refined that the sweet­ness should only empha­size it, but not over­whelm it.

How to make ori­en­tal cof­fee with hon­ey and nut­meg, see here.

Secret number 3. Speed

Who­ev­er under­stands life is in no hur­ry. Ori­en­tal cof­fee is a leisure­ly way to brew a drink. For exam­ple, cap­sule is pre­pared much faster. But Turk­ish cof­fee is a rit­u­al.

Open a jar of your favorite cof­fee, pour it into a cezve, spilling a gen­tle aro­ma of vivac­i­ty around the house. Watch how the foam ris­es, and most impor­tant­ly, remove the drink from the fire in time. Just enjoy, allow­ing your­self to escape from the hus­tle and bus­tle.

Put the cezve on medi­um heat. If the Turk is designed for two or three cups, most like­ly the foam will begin to rise in sev­en min­utes.

My life hack for cof­fee lovers! Set the timer as soon as you turn on the heat under the cezve. When the foam starts to rise, stop it and note how long it took to cook. Now the cof­fee will nev­er run away!

Secret number 4. Mixing

You need to stir cof­fee in a Turk once. Even if it is with sug­ar or hon­ey. After about the fourth minute on the stove, when the water has already warmed up, stir the drink with a tea­spoon until the sweet­en­er dis­solves.

Secret number 5. Penka

How to serve Turk­ish cof­fee to your­self and guests? When the cof­fee foam begins to rise, remove the drink from the heat.

Let it stand for about 30 sec­onds and skim off some foam with a tea­spoon. If you are alone, then put the foam on the bot­tom of your favorite cof­fee cup. And if you treat rel­a­tives or guests, do the same with each cup.

Thus, the cof­fee foam is even­ly dis­trib­uted and every­one gets a drink with an air cap.

Do you have the secrets of mak­ing cof­fee in an ori­en­tal way? Share in the com­ments!