The key hold­er is not only a use­ful item that per­fect­ly copes with its pur­pose, dec­o­rates the inte­ri­or, but also quite an inter­est­ing and ver­sa­tile thing. And in this arti­cle, we will share with you options that will help expand the use of the key hold­er regard­less of the room:

1.For keys

For the first option, we took the use in the hall­way as a wall key hold­er. Now your keys will always be in one place and you will not have to spend a lot of effort and remem­ber where you put them when you came home.

2.For out­er­wear

Ide­al as a coat hang­er. Thanks to the durable mate­r­i­al, it will with­stand even a wet coat. The hang­er does not take up much space and is per­fect for a small apart­ment or office.

3.For the kitchen

Due to the inter­est­ing design, the key hold­er will dec­o­rate your kitchen and will serve as an excel­lent hang­er for kitchen tow­els, pothold­ers and mit­tens.


Can be used as a tow­el rack and diver­si­fy the design of the bath­room. Even a hair dry­er can eas­i­ly with­stand.

5.For chil­dren’s room

Your chil­dren can hang their clothes, hand­bags, toys on it, and the beau­ti­ful design will dec­o­rate the room and delight the child.

6. As a gift

Wall key hold­er will be a great gift for any occa­sion. The per­son him­self will be able to choose a method for using it, but you can help him with this and share the options from this arti­cle!

So, using the same object for dif­fer­ent pur­pos­es, you can eas­i­ly and sim­ply dec­o­rate your space, cre­ate cozi­ness and please your loved ones! Also, when pur­chas­ing the same key hold­ers, you will main­tain a sin­gle style in your house, apart­ment, cot­tage.

Wall key hold­er “But­ter­flies”

Wall key hold­er “Sum­mer”