TOP 7 products designed to clean up the kitchen and not only

Every day we meet with the prob­lem of dis­or­der in our house, some­where they spilled water, if not oil at all) Some­where there are slices of car­rots or pota­toes, and the water drip­ping from the washed one leaves stains on the table. Here is a list of prod­ucts that will solve these prob­lems once and for all!

No. 1 — Oil dispenser

We all remem­ber our­selves try­ing to mea­sure veg­etable oil with a table­spoon, from which oil drips at the slight­est move­ment of the hand. Let’s leave a table­spoon for its intend­ed use and pick up a spe­cial­ized tool!

An oil dis­penser, aka a kitchen drop­per, is the per­fect weapon to deal with drops of oil and sauce on the table and floor. In order to col­lect the amount of oil we need, we press on the pipette and voila! The right amount of oil or sauce was col­lect­ed by itself in the pipette, and we can use the mea­sur­ing scale to pour off the excess and pour the oil into a plate with sal­ad or into a fry­ing pan)

#2 — Electric can opener

Open­ing a jar of corn or peas, you can eas­i­ly spill half the con­tents of the can in the kitchen) To pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing, you should use an inter­est­ing device called “Elec­tric Can Open­er”. This device will help you open any tin can in two clicks with­out any phys­i­cal effort, and most impor­tant­ly, all edges remain absolute­ly smooth, because the built-in mag­net of the elec­tric open­er fits snug­ly into the tip of the bot­tle, leav­ing no sharp edges. And the hands are intact, and the kitchen is clean)

No. 3 — Roll dryer for dishes. 3 in 1

Yes, yes, roll! Due to the spe­cial design of the dry­er, it can be rolled up and unfold­ed in sec­onds. Unlike a tra­di­tion­al dry­er, it does not take up half the work space of the coun­ter­top, you can eas­i­ly take it with you or put it in a clos­et. Anoth­er plus in the pig­gy bank of this mir­a­cle dry­er is its ver­sa­til­i­ty — it will find its appli­ca­tion as a dry­er for dish­es, for fruits and veg­eta­bles, as a hot stand or as an addi­tion­al work­place for a kitchen board or house­hold appli­ances, because it can with­stand weight of more than 20 kilo­grams! Com­fort­able? Cer­tain­ly con­ve­nient!

No. 4 — Folding kitchen funnel

I think about the func­tions of the fun­nel in the kitchen, you know with­out us) But the dif­fer­ence between this fun­nel is that it can be fold­ed into a small pan­cake, because it is made of food grade sil­i­cone. It can be hung on a hook or placed in a draw­er, and unlike a con­ven­tion­al plas­tic fun­nel, it will not inter­fere with the draw­er being pulled out, which, of course, is also very con­ve­nient and prac­ti­cal.

No. 5 — Mul­ti­func­tion­al veg­etable cut­ter

If you think that in order to cut veg­eta­bles for a sal­ad or chop pota­toes, it is nec­es­sary to keep an arse­nal of kitchen knives and sev­er­al cut­ting boards in the kitchen, then now you will change your mind! There is such a won­der­ful thing as a 14 in 1 veg­etable cut­ter. It com­bines the func­tions of sev­er­al knives, a grater and a cut­ting board. With its help, you can cut both cubes and straws, and slices. The kit also includes a handy attach­ment for sep­a­rat­ing raw egg white from the yolk, a clean­ing brush, a bas­ket for wash­ing chopped veg­eta­bles and fruits, and a fruit hold­er for safe cut­ting. Take it and enjoy it!

No. 6 — Water bottle

Yes, it may not be the most nec­es­sary item in the kitchen, but in every­day life this bot­tle is very use­ful. You can take it for walks, on a trip, to kinder­garten, to school for a child, to work and to the gym. Its styl­ish design is sure to please the eyes, and the stain­less steel bot­tle body will help keep both cold and hot liq­uids warm for a long time.

#7 — Mem­o­ry Foam Rug

Well, our selec­tion is com­plet­ed by a beau­ti­ful soft rug from the Mil­low brand, which will help your feet relax both after a long stand­ing in the kitchen and after get­ting out of the show­er. The padding is made of spe­cial mem­o­ry foam that molds to the shape of your foot, gen­tly mas­sag­ing and relax­ing it. The anti-slip back­ing will allow you to use the rug on wet sur­faces in the bath­room and toi­let, and the styl­ish 3D design will empha­size the styl­ish design of the room.

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