In every­day life, we increas­ing­ly have to take var­i­ous things with us: pow­er banks, glass­es, books, lap­tops, sweat­shirts for a cold evening or a snack for a long jour­ney.

The main trend of the XXI cen­tu­ry and the most con­ve­nient way to take every­thing you need with you is a back­pack.

A back­pack is more ergonom­ic than sports bags, and much more spa­cious than a brief­case.

And thanks to the styl­ish look, it can be used both on busi­ness trips and on vaca­tion.

But how to choose a real­ly good back­pack that can become an excel­lent assis­tant in every­day life from a great vari­ety of mod­els pre­sent­ed in stores.

Let’s look at the advan­tages of a back­pack mod­el from the Amer­i­can brand Artix.

For whom?

Artix has designed this back­pack as a uni­sex mod­el, which is active­ly cho­sen by both strong self-con­fi­dent men and frag­ile, style-lov­ing women.

Thanks to ergonom­ics, well-thought-out space inside and min­i­mal­ism in appear­ance, this back­pack has won the hearts of many lovers of a free lifestyle and com­fort.

Rus­sia was no excep­tion, and from the first weeks of the appear­ance of this back­pack, both women and men began to active­ly buy it.

The main rea­son why women buy such a large and seem­ing­ly def­i­nite­ly mas­cu­line back­pack is its weight — only 790 grams.

And thanks to the ultra-mod­ern mate­ri­als of the straps made of breath­able and light­weight fab­ric, girls feel com­fort­able using a back­pack.

Chips and benefits!

It’s no secret that back­packs are dif­fer­ent. Large and small, with a hard and soft back, with and with­out adjustable shoul­der straps.

This mod­el was cre­at­ed tak­ing into account the most nec­es­sary needs of mod­ern peo­ple.

  • Mois­ture-resis­tant mate­r­i­al will pre­vent items and clothes from get­ting wet in rainy weath­er
  • Padded lap­top com­part­ments — The Artix back­pack has 2 laptop/tablet com­part­ments (up to 15.6 inch­es) with padded lin­ing to pro­tect your gad­gets from dam­age and scratch­es. In addi­tion, the lap­top com­part­ments them­selves are shock-resis­tant, which will pro­tect your devices from dam­age.
  • Back­pack capac­i­ty 30l – The artix back­pack is includ­ed in the seg­ment of large back­packs, and allows you to eas­i­ly fit a huge amount of things and objects, even when trav­el­ing to anoth­er city.
  • Spe­cial trans­verse strap — Allows you to cor­rect­ly dis­trib­ute the load on your back if the back­pack is filled to capac­i­ty.
  • Ortho­pe­dic back sup­port — Allows you to not expe­ri­ence dis­com­fort when wear­ing a back­pack for a long time.
  • Depart­ment for glass­es — the back­pack has a spe­cial small com­part­ment for glass­es and oth­er small acces­sories, which is also stitched with soft fab­ric to pre­vent dam­age.
  • Charg­ing cable con­nec­tor — Mod­ern peo­ple no longer under­stand their lives with­out smart­phones and gad­gets. That is why Artix pro­vid­ed a spe­cial con­nec­tor in the back­pack for the charg­er cable. You can put any pow­er bank in your back­pack and con­ve­nient­ly bring the charg­ing cable out. The con­nec­tor itself is also water­proof.
  • Lug­gage cross strap — Thanks to which you can eas­i­ly place the back­pack on the retractable han­dle of your suit­case on long trips.

These are not all the fea­tures of this back­pack mod­el, but they made this back­pack one of the most pur­chased in the USA.


The Artix back­pack has become such a favorite among buy­ers, includ­ing due to its appear­ance.

Before bring­ing this mod­el to light, the com­pa­ny’s design­ers con­duct­ed a large study in which they deter­mined that large pock­ets stick­ing out from all sides are a rel­ic of the past.

Peo­ple today require min­i­mal­ism and com­fort. This is exact­ly what Artix man­u­fac­tur­ers have imple­ment­ed in their back­pack mod­el.

Black style, with­out frilly pro­trud­ing pock­ets — what a mod­ern per­son needs.

Backpack for stylish and free people

If you like to trav­el or just often spend time on the road, on the street, on a walk, the Artix back­pack will become your reli­able assis­tant and even friend!

A lap­top, a pow­er bank, books, clothes, sneak­ers, a bot­tle of water and a bunch of oth­er things that you take with you will sim­ply become invis­i­ble behind your back thanks to a back­pack.

And its appear­ance will be an excel­lent styl­ish addi­tion to your image, both busi­ness and sports!

Choose your Artix back­pack