Top is the final stage in the three-phase sys­tem of gel pol­ish­es. All tops pro­duced by Cos­mo­lac can be divid­ed into two large groups:

- tops with resid­ual stick­i­ness

- and tops with­out a sticky lay­er

Today on the agen­da we have a top with a sticky lay­er.

Top Rub­ber is ide­al for cov­er­ing all types of gel pol­ish, reli­ably pro­tects the coat­ing from small cracks, scratch­es and pig­ment­ed dirt.

Avail­able in 7.5, 14 and 30 ml.

Can be used to apply fine pig­ments.

The dis­per­sion lay­er that occurs dur­ing the poly­mer­iza­tion process helps the pig­ments to pen­e­trate and secure­ly fix in the struc­ture of the top.

When using a rub, you need to act quick­ly — this only works in the first 10 sec­onds after remov­ing the sticky lay­er with an alco­hol wipe or a spe­cial liq­uid to remove the sticky lay­er. Then cov­er again with the Rub­ber top and dry in the lamp.


Top Rub­ber is rec­om­mend­ed to be applied only in a thin lay­er due to its liq­uid con­sis­ten­cy in order to avoid mate­r­i­al flow­ing into the lat­er­al sinus­es and under the cuti­cle.

Thanks to this con­sis­ten­cy, the mas­ter gets neat nails with­out arti­fi­cial thick­en­ing.

You need to apply this top coat on a dried col­or coat, dry in a Led lamp for 60 sec­onds, in a UV lamp for 180 sec­onds. Remove sticky lay­er.

Please note that the prod­uct is tem­per­a­ture sen­si­tive!

We rec­om­mend stor­ing the top at a tem­per­a­ture not exceed­ing 22–25 degrees, away from sun­light and heaters, in order to avoid pre­ma­ture poly­mer­iza­tion.