In the sum­mer 2022 sea­son, midaxi skirts are back in fash­ion com­plex sil­hou­ette. Gone are the pen­cil skirts and are not yet going to return to the cat­walks of the world and to our wardrobes. And skirts-sun and semi-sun remained in past sea­sons. Design­er Yana Nedzvet­skaya and her brand LO offer this spring not just wrap­around skirts, but a more sophis­ti­cat­ed shape — with a slant­i­ng cut of an intri­cate detail, with an uneven bot­tom and a spec­tac­u­lar buck­le.

Skirt fab­ric — a mix­ture of vis­cose and linen, with the addi­tion of poly­ester for sta­bil­i­ty and anti-crease, make the skirt con­ve­nient, com­fort­able and not capri­cious in wash­ing and iron­ing. Stun­ning nat­ur­al col­ors of the skirt allow you to cre­ate images with it both in eco-style and in any oth­er.

Such a skirt is self-suf­fi­cient, it does not require a com­plex top and looks amaz­ing with milk-col­ored alco­holic T‑shirts, lacon­ic sweat­shirts, and sim­ple tops. With such a spec­tac­u­lar skirt, it is impor­tant not to over­do it with details and acces­sories — the sim­pler the bet­ter.

The skirt itself is a mas­ter­piece, every­thing else around it is just a frame.


This sea­son, the orig­i­nal midaxi skirt is offered by the LO brand and its design­er Yana Nedzvet­skaya. For the third sea­son in a row, design­ers are puz­zling over the sil­hou­ettes of skirts — cas­es have already gone out of fash­ion, no one offers any­thing new. Every­one focused on trousers, and skirts fad­ed into the back­ground. The LO brand offered an inter­est­ing sil­hou­ette — a slight­ly flared skirt with a high, slight­ly gath­ered frill, with an inter­est­ing yoke at an acute angle, also with a small assem­bly. On the shelf, a ver­ti­cal detail visu­al­ly makes the fig­ure slim­mer.

Of course, an impor­tant fea­ture of the brand is the pres­ence of pock­ets in lit­er­al­ly 99% of the items in any col­lec­tion. While design­ers do not skimp on pock­ets for men’s cloth­ing, wom­en’s col­lec­tions always suf­fer from the absence of pock­ets. LO brand col­lec­tions are dis­tin­guished by con­ve­nience, com­fort, and thought­ful­ness of every detail, includ­ing pock­ets.

The dec­o­ra­tive stitch­ing on the waist­band of this skirt gives it a sta­ble, tight shape. And it also fas­tens with a dou­ble half ring. These belts are con­ve­nient to use in oth­er things in your wardrobe.

And of course, expen­sive and spec­tac­u­lar cupro fab­ric gives a styl­ish and beau­ti­ful shape to the skirt. This is an excel­lent replace­ment for nat­ur­al boiled silk, it costs more than it, but it has been worn for lit­er­al­ly years. This fab­ric has long con­quered all the cat­walks of the world and cupro clothes are pro­duced by all brands of the pre­mi­um seg­ment.

The LO brand has been suc­cess­ful­ly using this fab­ric in its spring and sum­mer col­lec­tions for a long time.

LO cupro skirtTOP FASHION SHOPPING THIS SUMMER!, image #6Brand LO showed Bermu­das in a clas­sic check in the spring “madras-pied-de-boule“straight sil­hou­ette just above the knee. And in the sum­mer col­lec­tion, Yana Nedzvet­skaya offers Bermu­da shorts slight­ly extend­ed down, sky blue with lapels. These Bermu­da shorts go well with any tops, form­ing beau­ti­ful fash­ion­able looks. Such Bermu­da shorts are espe­cial­ly good with loose volu­mi­nous LO jack­ets, with spec­tac­u­lar bomber jack­ets made of skubo cot­ton fab­ric. “, a com­plex diag­o­nal weave with a slight­ly volu­mi­nous trans­verse thread. The com­po­si­tion of twill made of cot­ton and vis­cose is an ide­al fab­ric for a hot sum­mer. Togeth­er with an alco­holic T‑shirt, the image will be youth­ful, sporty, con­cise. And with a volu­mi­nous jack­et — spec­tac­u­lar and suit­able for any most fash­ion­able event.Bermuda LOTOP FASHION SHOPPING THIS SUMMER!, image #8
What could be bet­ter than striped culottes in cool twill for a hot sum­mer? Only linen Bermu­da shorts!) Although … depend­ing on what occa­sion. Of course, such striped culottes with a beau­ti­ful white belt and white sneak­ers, slip-ons or espadrilles look amaz­ing at the sea. And the top is a sim­ple white T‑shirt, a sum­mer hood­ie with a hood or a fun­ny white T‑shirt with fun­ny prints — cats or dogs LO. Brand design­er — Yana Nedzvet­skaya always finds a place for a joke in her col­lec­tions — these are either curi­ous inscrip­tions in Cyril­lic with author’s inscrip­tions, or orig­i­nal prints fun­ny lit­tle ani­mals. Such images are a breath of fresh air for a hot sum­mer. Culottes are good both for tall girls and for girls below aver­age — you don’t need to short­en them like trousers. Culottes are uni­ver­sal. They can be worn to the beach and to a sum­mer fash­ion par­ty. Slid­ing light­weight fab­ric with a “glis­san­dro” effect, looks spec­tac­u­lar in any sit­u­a­tion.LO striped culottesTOP FASHION SHOPPING THIS SUMMER!, image #10TOP FASHION SHOPPING THIS SUMMER!, image #11
Blue striped Bermu­da is always the smell of the sea, long jour­neys, white yachts and the warm sea breeze of exot­ic coun­tries. Marine col­lec­tions are rel­e­vant at any time of the year.Bermu­da shorts with lapels are good because the heavy bot­tom allows you to see the sil­hou­ette as it was con­ceived by the design­er of the LO brand Yana Nedzvet­skaya. Such bermu­da shorts look styl­ish and expen­sive, espe­cial­ly with a pure white alco­holic T‑shirt or a lacon­ic sum­mer hood­ie with a short low­ered sleeve and a hood. There is no point in com­pli­cat­ing such bermu­das with some spe­cial tops. In the sum­mer, hood­ies and T‑shirts are enough. And in cool weath­er at sea — a bomber jack­et with a sim­ple sil­hou­ette. Striped twill Bermu­da shorts look great with LO den­im dress­es that can be worn like a cardi­gan. This look becomes com­plex and more inter­est­ing. These Bermu­da shorts will look great with den­im jack­ets. The A‑line of these Bermu­da shorts is a great replace­ment for a reg­u­lar skirt, which, as a rule, looks rus­tic.Striped Bermuda shorts LO Com­plex trousers with a lux­u­ri­ous smell, imi­tat­ing a long skirt of a sil­hou­ette nar­rowed down, are return­ing to the cat­walks again.The LO brand released such trousers this sea­son from a beau­ti­ful, plas­tic and tac­tile­ly pleas­ant cupro fab­ric. This fab­ric was cre­at­ed as the best sub­sti­tute for boiled silk and is used in their col­lec­tions by lux­u­ry brands and brands of the first lines. LO trousers are dis­tin­guished by their impec­ca­ble cut and per­fect fit. Such sophis­ti­cat­ed trousers should not be worn with jack­ets and com­plex blous­es with many details or intri­cate cuts. Such an image will be over­loaded. Yana Nedzvet­skaya, design­er of the LO brand, sug­gests wear­ing these trousers in sum­mer with clas­sic alco­holic T‑shirts, sim­ple T‑shirts with short sleeves and a hood or with­out sleeves, or very sim­ple tops. In cool weath­er, these trousers look great with volu­mi­nous cot­ton sweaters, vests, sweat­shirts or bombers. For roman­tic girls, it is bet­ter to choose these trousers in a smoky or light cocoa col­or. For those who love bru­tal­i­ty in clothes, you can choose black or kha­ki trousers. In any case, these trousers are a hit this sum­mer!LO cupro trousers TOP FASHION SHOPPING THIS SUMMER!, image #15
Sum­mer offers us a huge selec­tion of a wide vari­ety of trousers — from minia­ture, almost micro­scop­ic shorts to com­plex cut trousers with a wrap and a vari­ety of details. The choice is always yours!It is impor­tant — with what, where and how to wear them. You can choose the sim­plest trousers, the clas­sic sil­hou­ette, so loved by many girls because of their incred­i­ble com­fort. These are, of course, clas­sic “mam­si” at the waist, with a high fit and nar­rowed down. These trousers are good for those who have the prob­lem of “breech­es”. They will hide this fig­ure flaw well, align the hips and no one will even notice that you have any prob­lems. It is bet­ter to buy such LO trousers for the sum­mer from a mix­ture of linen and cot­ton, but with the oblig­a­tory addi­tion of lycra. Trousers with­out lycra are not so com­fort­able. And of course, the mix­ture of linen and cot­ton after many wash­es gives an even more inter­est­ing “aged” effect, which gives the trousers a more fash­ion­able look. All trousers with the addi­tion of linen must be washed a cou­ple of times at 40 degrees in the machine before the first wear — and after that you will feel more pleas­ant tac­tile sen­sa­tions. The longer you wear and wash these trousers, the more spec­tac­u­lar they will look. This sea­son, the LO brand offers linen trousers, com­ple­ment­ed by a beau­ti­ful sling belt with a mat­te gold buck­le. This belt can be used with any oth­er LO cloth­ing — from sum­mer dress­es to styl­ish t‑shirts. These linen trousers are good because they look great in a vari­ety of out­fits. With beau­ti­ful and fash­ion­able LO jack­ets with a shawl col­lar, they will look clas­sic. And with sweat­shirts and bombers — a fash­ion­able set for the week­end. But with bright warm vests LO — this will be a notice­able image for any hol­i­day trip to the beau­ti­ful cities of Rus­sia.Trousers TOP FASHION SHOPPING THIS SUMMER!, image #18
The strip is loved in all regions of Rus­sia. It is not the first year that she rules on all the podi­ums of the world. And of course, striped over­alls — bright, spec­tac­u­lar, with beau­ti­ful belts and acces­sories for our cli­mate — it’s bet­ter not to come up with. The strip effec­tive­ly length­ens the legs, makes the fig­ure more slen­der, and the dense flow­ing vis­cose with a glis­san­do effect empha­sizes the fragili­ty of the fig­ure, mak­ing the jump­suit com­fort­able in the heat. Espe­cial­ly good is the wide stripe, which has become a favorite this sea­son.Striped jumpsuits The world has become tiny and there are always coun­tries where you can go at any time of the year, in search of bright sun, warm and gen­tle sea and beau­ti­ful views.