Sure­ly many will under­stand. There are prod­ucts that you apply because you have to. There are those that you need, but you don’t apply, sim­ply because you don’t want to.

Our top prod­uct NewDew cream but­ter is a must and want to use. And it seems impos­si­ble to stop the rit­u­al! What a tex­ture it has… Thick and smooth, like ghee in tex­ture, yet creamy and weight­less, unlike body but­ters.

The skin is wrapped in it after appli­ca­tion, but not over­loaded, and the result is a smooth and silky body that you want to touch.

For any skin type — this is love

CAUTION: The rich flo­ral aro­ma of mel­on, lychee, black­cur­rant and thyme will stay with you for a long time.

Well, don’t for­get to order the NewDew body scrub and enjoy your beau­ty treat­ments!