What are the ben­e­fits of an ortho­pe­dic pil­low?

The main advan­tage is that dur­ing sleep it sup­ports the neck and head in the cor­rect posi­tion. This relax­es the mus­cles and allows the blood to cir­cu­late nor­mal­ly and not stag­nate. Thanks to this, you get a good night’s sleep, and in the morn­ing you do not feel pain in your neck or back.

Feath­er pil­lows don’t have this effect, which can cause the neck ver­te­brae to twist, pinch nerves, or keep mus­cles tense all night.

Test­ing the ortho­pe­dic effect of the pil­low is easy — just press on it. If it is rigid, then ortho­pe­dic. Soft pil­lows can not be called ortho­pe­dic.

Why is an ortho­pe­dic pil­low uncom­fort­able?

A few rea­sons:

  • Size — a pil­low that is too small or too large will make you uncom­fort­able to sleep on.
  • Height — incor­rect pil­low height does not allow the neck to hold the cor­rect shape (the head is high­er or low­er than it should be).
  • Adap­ta­tion — you need to sleep on the pil­low for about a week, as the body must get used to the new sen­sa­tions.
  • Mat­tress — on a soft mat­tress, the pil­low will sink a lit­tle and lose its ortho­pe­dic effect.

How to care for an ortho­pe­dic pil­low?

With prop­er care, you can not only increase the life of the pil­low, but also rid it of microor­gan­isms, odors and dirt. It is impor­tant to oper­ate the prod­uct in a spe­cial pro­tec­tive case that can be eas­i­ly cleaned in the wash­ing machine.

The way you clean your pil­low depends on the type of mate­ri­als used. The exact care instruc­tions are always indi­cat­ed on the prod­uct label.

Bet­ter for clean­ing:

  • use few­er chem­i­cal clean­ers;
  • do not dry the pil­low in the sun;
  • do not cov­er with oth­er wet objects.

Depend­ing on the mate­r­i­al, it is rec­om­mend­ed to clean the pil­low at least once every 3–6 months.

Pil­low mem­o­ry foam

Pil­low of a tra­di­tion­al clas­si­cal form with Mem­o­ry Foam effect is an elas­tic, high-tech mate­r­i­al with medi­um hard­ness. Pro­vides sup­port for the neck and head, repeat­ing their shape and form­ing the most nat­ur­al curve of the spine. The mate­r­i­al takes some get­ting used to as it evokes an unusu­al envelop­ing sen­sa­tion.

Pil­low with mas­sage effect

Anatom­ic pil­low with rollers relieves mus­cle ten­sion and stress, main­tains the cer­vi­cal spine in the cor­rect posi­tion and mas­sages the skin, improv­ing blood cir­cu­la­tion. The prod­uct with the Mem­o­ry Foam effect has the prop­er­ty of air exchange. And thanks to the hypoal­ler­genic mate­r­i­al, it is suit­able for adults, chil­dren and aller­gy suf­fer­ers.

Pil­low in the form of a wave

A pil­low in the form of a wave with two rollers is good if you can not decide on the height of the prod­uct. Or peri­od­i­cal­ly sleep in dif­fer­ent rooms on mat­tress­es of vary­ing firm­ness. This prod­uct is ide­al for rest­less peo­ple: today it is more com­fort­able for you to fall asleep on your back — the pil­low turns with a low roller, and tomor­row you can fall asleep exclu­sive­ly on your side — which means you use a high­er roller.