We rec­om­mend cool ser­vices and appli­ca­tions that will make life eas­i­er for pho­tog­ra­phers and video mak­ers.

If you forget to post on time

If you need to post on Insta­gram at a cer­tain time of the day or night, but you keep for­get­ting to do it, then use Smm­plan­ner. There is the pos­si­bil­i­ty of the so-called delayed post­ing in almost all social net­works.

With Smm­plan­ner, you can sched­ule the pub­li­ca­tion of pho­tos, videos, and even sto­ries. In addi­tion, there is anoth­er inter­est­ing fea­ture here: if nec­es­sary, you can sched­ule posts to be delet­ed on a spe­cif­ic day and hour.

Price: free ver­sion + paid plans
Web­site: https://smmplanner.com

If you plan to shoot outdoors

The ser­vice is sim­i­lar to a globe; satel­lite images of the entire earth­’s sur­face are placed here.

Whether you’re look­ing for cityscapes to cap­ture city life, or want to con­sid­er loca­tions in advance when plan­ning a street shoot, Google Earth is your go-to loca­tion guide.

Price: Free.
Plat­form: Avail­able for iOS and Android.
Web­site: https://www.google.com/earth/

If you are looking for orders

This is a cus­tomer ser­vice. The client cre­ates a task, and the con­trac­tor offers his ser­vices and prices.

There is a rat­ing sys­tem: the num­ber of com­plet­ed tasks, the qual­i­ty of per­for­mance, reviews and com­plaints are tak­en into account. The bet­ter you work, the high­er you are in the rank­ing of spe­cial­ists and the more con­fi­dence you inspire among cus­tomers.

Price: the ser­vice is not free, depend­ing on the area, the cost may vary, for a pho­to it is about 3000 rubles / month.

Plat­form: Avail­able for iOS and Android.
Web­site: https://youdo.com

A pop­u­lar ser­vice where, in addi­tion to sell­ing and buy­ing things, you can search for orders and pro­mote your ser­vices.

You can post sev­er­al ads, and most impor­tant­ly — for free.

Price: Free + Paid Pro­mo­tion Fea­tures
Plat­form: Avail­able for iOS and Android.
Web­site: https://www.avito.ru

If you need to promote Instagram

Insta­gram page pro­mo­tion ser­vice.

How does he work? He him­self looks through sto­ries, winds up sub­scribers, puts likes on pho­tos on the accounts you are inter­est­ed in using spe­cial result algo­rithms

There is also a spam guard, fol­low­er analy­sis, instaspy, and even a pars­er that helps col­lect all the fol­low­ers or sub­scrip­tions of anoth­er blog­ger into one list with all con­tact details and pro­file descrip­tions. In gen­er­al, an appli­ca­tion for those who zeal­ous­ly strive for blog­ging suc­cess.

Price: 3 days free, then paid
Web­site: https://zengram.ru

Helps to increase the activ­i­ty on the page on Insta­gram, which is so hard these days.

Unlike likes and bots, in Com­menter you get ade­quate com­ments from real peo­ple.

For exam­ple, when you ask a ques­tion in a post, and no one answers it — cheers, they will answer you. That is, with the help of the ser­vice you cre­ate the impres­sion that your page is alive.

Price: There is an unlim­it­ed free plan with large restric­tions, paid ones start at 290 rubles / month.
Web­site: https://commenter.su

If someone infringes your copyright

Copy­right infringe­ment is a huge prob­lem for pho­tog­ra­phers. You invest time and effort into tak­ing pho­tos and some­one just comes along and copies them and uses them with­out your con­sent. Even if you are not against such actions, most like­ly you want peo­ple to know who is the author of this or that mas­ter­piece, whose hands it is (of course, yours).

Water­mark X helps you mark your pho­tos with a water­mark, which will be infor­ma­tion about the pres­ence of copy­rights on them.

Price: One week free tri­al. The pro ver­sion costs $39.99 or you can unlock cer­tain fea­tures and pay for each sep­a­rate­ly.
Plat­form: Avail­able on iOS.

To remove thousands of identical frames from film

  • Phone Clean­er for Media Files

Here with­out fur­ther ado. We always won­der why the mem­o­ry on the phone becomes clut­tered so quick­ly. But then we go into the film and every­thing falls into place.

This app can find the biggest space eaters on your phone and wipe them out in a few clicks. Not only will you find dupli­cates and the biggest pho­tos and videos, but the app will also find any sim­i­lar pho­tos, mak­ing it much eas­i­er to delete them if you know which ones you want to keep.

Price: Free.
Plat­form: Avail­able on iOS.

To scan at home

  • Pho­to­Scan by Google Pho­tos

The days of phys­i­cal scan­ners are com­ing to an end as the world moves towards all kinds of elec­tron­ic for­mats.

Let’s say you have an old print­ed pho­to and you want to dig­i­tize it with­out los­ing qual­i­ty. Or you saw a cool poster on the street and want­ed to make a T‑shirt with a sim­i­lar print. With this appli­ca­tion, one moment and all your whims will be sat­is­fied.

Launch the app, take pic­tures of the object from dif­fer­ent angles with your smart­phone, and you’re done.

Price: free
Plat­form: Avail­able for iOS and Android.

If you like to shoot in the mountains (well, what if)

Peak­Find­er is a must-have app for any­one look­ing to cap­ture moun­tain land­scapes. It is indis­pens­able when search­ing for moun­tain peaks.

This scout gives you the names of the moun­tains as well as a 360° panoram­ic view of each one.

Price: $4.99
Plat­form: Avail­able for iOS and Android.