In 2021, 1.62 bil­lion smart­phones were sold. Of these, about 30 mil­lion were sold in Rus­sia. The num­ber of smart phone own­ers is increas­ing every year, and the age of the youngest users is decreas­ing. Today, not only teenagers, but also preschool­ers have such gad­gets. If you are look­ing for the best bud­get smart­phone for a child, check out our selec­tion. In it, we have col­lect­ed mod­els that deserve atten­tion. Prices are cur­rent at the time of writ­ing.

Chil­dren are active users of mod­ern gad­gets: smart­phones, tablets, com­put­ers. Pho­to: psyfiles.ru

At what age can you use a smart­phone
Which smart­phone to choose for a child under 7 years old
Which smart­phone to buy a child from 8 to 13 years old
The best smart­phones for teens aged 14+

At what age can you use a smartphone

Experts from the Amer­i­can Acad­e­my of Pedi­atrics and the Cana­di­an Soci­ety of Pedi­atrics advise to pro­tect chil­dren under 2 years of age from gad­gets in gen­er­al. From 2 to 13 years old, smart­phones and tablets can be used up to 2 hours a day. The younger the child, the less time he should spend with the gad­get.

Why does using a smart­phone for more than 2 hours a day harm a child?

  • Con­stant eye strain leads to dry­ness, irri­ta­tion, red­ness.
  • The child sits in one posi­tion. This leads to a dete­ri­o­ra­tion in pos­ture, cur­va­ture of the spine.
  • Monot­o­nous fin­ger move­ments across the screen dis­rupt blood cir­cu­la­tion and lead to ten­don prob­lems.
  • Sleep dete­ri­o­ra­tion. Games in the after­noon overex­cite the psy­che, as a result, the child can­not fall asleep.

Which smartphone to choose for a child under 7 years old

Why do preschool­ers need a phone?

  • For enter­tain­ment: watch car­toons, read books or lis­ten to audio lit­er­a­ture and music.
  • For learn­ing: with the help of games you can learn to read, count. You can learn use­ful and inter­est­ing infor­ma­tion using var­i­ous edu­ca­tion­al appli­ca­tions. For exam­ple, detlek­tor (rec­om­mend­ed from 5 years old).

What should be a smart­phone for a preschool­er:

  • diag­o­nal up to 5–5.5 inch­es (up to 14 cm). On aver­age, in chil­dren from 2 to 7 years old, the palm length is 11–14 cm. It will be incon­ve­nient to hold a large smart­phone;
  • with RAM 16–32 GB. It will be enough to install enter­tain­ment and edu­ca­tion­al appli­ca­tions;
  • Should be Parental Con­trol. The mode allows you to dis­able some appli­ca­tions (Google Play, brows­er, etc.), leave only the nec­es­sary ones (for exam­ple, Car­toon — chil­dren’s car­toons);
  • at this age, addi­tion­al fea­tures are not impor­tant (con­tact­less pay­ment, face recog­ni­tion, gyro­scope, etc.). Since this is not nec­es­sary for the devel­op­ment and enter­tain­ment of a preschool­er.

Smartphone Itel A17

The opti­mal inex­pen­sive smart­phone for a child for 4,017 rubles. You can install two SIM cards, there is Wi-Fi and Blue­tooth. Screen 5 inch­es with a res­o­lu­tion of 854x480. This is enough to watch car­toons and use edu­ca­tion­al appli­ca­tions.

Itel A17 is a bud­get smart­phone for a preschool­er. Pho­to: megaobzor.com

16 GB of built-in mem­o­ry can be used to install var­i­ous appli­ca­tions. And you can pre­vent the down­load of pro­grams, the use of bank cards and the brows­er using the Parental Con­trol appli­ca­tion.

The bat­tery capac­i­ty of the Itel A17 phone is 2400 mAh. This is enough for a whole day of active work. When used for 1–2 hours a day, one smart­phone charge will last for a week.

Smartphone Itel A25

Com­pact (size 145x73x9.75, diag­o­nal 5 inch­es) and light (153 g) smart­phone for a child for 4,696 rubles.

The main dif­fer­ences from the pre­vi­ous mod­el:

  • a more capa­cious bat­tery (3020 mAh instead of 2400 mAh) will last longer. With dai­ly use for 1–2 hours, it will last for 7–10 days;
  • high­er screen res­o­lu­tion (1280x720 instead of 854x480). The image will be clear­er and bet­ter qual­i­ty.
The Itel A25 smart­phone is a styl­ish and com­pact phone for a child. Pho­to: itel-mobile.com

You can use Parental Con­trols on your Itel A25 phone to lim­it the num­ber of apps you use. To install them, there is 16 GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry.

Smartphone Nokia C01 Plus

New for 2021 with the lat­est ver­sion of the oper­at­ing sys­tem pre­in­stalled — Android 11 (Go ver­sion) for 6,201 rubles. The Go ver­sion is a stripped-down ver­sion of the stan­dard OS. Used in low-pow­er smart­phones. Thanks to this OS, the per­for­mance of the phone does not suf­fer.

A bright HD screen with a res­o­lu­tion of 1440x720 pro­vides a clear and juicy pic­ture.

Nokia C01 Plus is a beau­ti­ful, func­tion­al and bud­get smart­phone for a child. Pho­to: tfnopt.ru

A capa­cious bat­tery (3000 mAh) pro­vides long-term (up to 10 days) oper­a­tion on a sin­gle charge. And 16 GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry can be used to install var­i­ous appli­ca­tions.

With the “Parental Con­trol” func­tion, you can always fil­ter the appli­ca­tions avail­able to the child.

Smart­phones for chil­dren under 7 from our rat­ing received the fol­low­ing rat­ings from 0 to 5:

Features/Model Itel A17 Itel A25 Nokia C01 Plus
Diag­o­nal (opti­mal­ly up to 5–5.5 inch­es) 5 5 four
Screen res­o­lu­tion (the high­er it is, the bet­ter and clear­er the image) 3 four 5
Bat­tery (the more, the longer the smart­phone will work on a sin­gle charge) four 5 5
Out­come four 4.6 4.6

Which smartphone to buy a child from 8 to 13 years old

At this age, a phone is need­ed:

  • wear-resis­tant, made of met­al and impact-resis­tant plas­tic, with a lev­el of pro­tec­tion against water and dust IP68, IP69. The child goes to school with a phone. He can drop it into a pud­dle, onto the ground, let a class­mate play. The smart­phone must pass these tests;
  • with a capa­cious bat­tery (from 3800 mAh) — enough for a school day, the way home, sec­tions and cir­cles;
  • screen res­o­lu­tion of 1280x720 — the more the bet­ter. A child at this age spends more time with a gad­get. The bet­ter the pic­ture, the less eye strain;
  • with a mem­o­ry capac­i­ty of 16 GB or more;
  • with a front cam­era from 13 megapix­els — it will come in handy for pho­tograph­ing home­work, pages from a text­book, teach­ing aids, etc.

Smartphone Doogee S35

Styl­ish phone made of impact-resis­tant plas­tic for 8,374 rubles. One of the best smart­phones for kids thanks to:

  • capa­cious bat­tery (4350 mAh) — the phone will last all day;
  • increased lev­el of pro­tec­tion against water and dust (IP68). Even if you drop it, the smart­phone will not be dam­aged;
  • excel­lent 13 megapix­el cam­era — you can take cool pho­tos.

The smart­phone is dust­proof, can with­stand long-term immer­sion in pres­sur­ized water. Pro­tec­tion lev­el IP68. The phone is not afraid of dirt, pud­dles, snow. With it, you can get caught in the rain and not wor­ry about its con­di­tion.

A shock­proof and water­proof smart­phone is the best solu­tion for a stu­dent. Pho­to: murmansk.doogee.com.ru

A capa­cious 4350 mAh bat­tery is enough for a whole day of active use. A 13 MP cam­era com­bined with a 2 MP depth sen­sor will help you take clear and beau­ti­ful pic­tures.

Screen diag­o­nal 5 inch­es, res­o­lu­tion 1280x720. This is enough for com­fort­able watch­ing videos and using appli­ca­tions. 16 GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry is enough for the nec­es­sary appli­ca­tions. There is a slot for a mem­o­ry card. And the “Parental Con­trol” mode will help pro­tect the younger stu­dent from unnec­es­sary infor­ma­tion, instal­la­tion of paid appli­ca­tions.

Smartphone Oukitel WP12 Pro

Styl­ish smart­phone with a large screen (5.5 inch­es) for 11,183 rubles. Screen res­o­lu­tion 1440x720 — movies, pic­tures will be of high qual­i­ty and clear.

Ouki­tel WP12 Pro is a smart­phone with a good cam­era, pro­tec­tion against mois­ture and dust. Pho­to: x‑kom.pl

The smart­phone is equipped with a main cam­era of 13 megapix­els, which is enough to shoot high-qual­i­ty pho­tos and videos. A nice bonus is the under­wa­ter shoot­ing mode. It is pos­si­ble thanks to the her­met­i­cal­ly sealed hous­ing made of met­al and plas­tic with IP68 pro­tec­tion lev­el. The smart­phone is resis­tant to low and high tem­per­a­tures, dust, water, includ­ing pres­sure wash­ing and immer­sion to a depth of one and a half meters.

Bat­tery capac­i­ty 4000 mAh. This is enough for 11 hours of video play­back or 400 hours of stand­by time.

64 GB of mem­o­ry is enough for edu­ca­tion­al appli­ca­tions, games, pho­tos and videos. The smart­phone can be used as a mobile wal­let — the NFC mod­ule allows you to pay for pur­chas­es via Google Pay.

Smartphone Doogee S59 Pro

Uni­ver­sal smart­phone made of met­al and shock­proof plas­tic for 15,434 rubles. This is a durable, mois­ture-resis­tant gad­get, pro­tect­ed from dust. Not afraid of falling. Pro­tec­tion class IP69. Such devices with­stand high-tem­per­a­ture high-pres­sure wash­ing.

DOOGEE S59 Pro is a ver­sa­tile smart­phone that is suit­able for study and enter­tain­ment. Pho­to: www.doogee.com

The DOOGEE S59 Pro has an impres­sive 10050 mAh bat­tery. One charge is enough for two days of active use, and you can ful­ly restore the charge in 3 hours.

Diag­o­nal smart­phone 5.71 inch­es, res­o­lu­tion 1520x720. Opti­mal for gam­ing and watch­ing videos, edit­ing pho­tos. The built-in mem­o­ry of the smart­phone is 128 GB. Enough for apps and dig­i­tal con­tent. The main cam­era is 16 MP. Enough to cap­ture high-qual­i­ty, clear pho­tos.

Smart­phones for chil­dren under 13 received the fol­low­ing scores from 0 to 5:

Features/Model Doogee S35 Ouki­tel WP12 Pro Doogee S59 Pro
Lev­el of pro­tec­tion against dust and mois­ture four 5 5
Diag­o­nal (the larg­er, the more con­ve­nient for study­ing) four four 5
Screen res­o­lu­tion (the high­er it is, the bet­ter and clear­er the image) four four 5
Bat­tery (the more, the longer the smart­phone will work on a sin­gle charge) four 3 5
Mem­o­ry (GB) 3 four 5
Front cam­era (MP) four four 5
Out­come 3.8 four 5

The best smartphones for teens aged 14+

At this age, the phone is need­ed both for study and for enter­tain­ment. There­fore it should be:

  • with a screen of 6 inch­es, it was con­ve­nient to play, watch videos, edit pho­tos, make graphs, work with doc­u­ments and spread­sheets;
  • with a capa­cious bat­tery — to with­stand such a lev­el of dai­ly load and not be dis­charged quick­ly;
  • with built-in mem­o­ry of 128 GB or more to fit all appli­ca­tions and files;
  • with a large num­ber of cores (for exam­ple, 8), so that the smart­phone quick­ly copes with any tasks, does not freeze;
  • with a good cam­era (10 megapix­els or more).

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

A ver­sa­tile, inex­pen­sive smart­phone for a teenag­er for 28,514 rubles with a large dis­play (6.67 inch­es, 2400x1080 res­o­lu­tion) for study and enter­tain­ment.

Its main advan­tage is a 108 megapix­el cam­era. With it, you can cre­ate beau­ti­ful and clear pho­tos at any time of the day. There is a spe­cial night mode, with built-in noise con­trol and increased light sen­si­tiv­i­ty. Pic­tures will be clear, with­out high­lights and dark spots.

Xiao­mi Red­mi Note 10 Pro is the per­fect smart­phone for tak­ing cool pho­tos. Pho­to: farpost.ru

An addi­tion­al 5 megapix­el cam­era is designed to cre­ate clear pho­tos of small objects. And the 8 MP ultra wide-angle cam­era is need­ed for panoram­ic shots. Built-in 128 GB of mem­o­ry is enough to store pho­tos, videos, appli­ca­tions. Bat­tery capac­i­ty 5020 mAh. This is enough for 1–2 days. The smart­phone has 8 cores for fast and high-qual­i­ty work.

Pro­tec­tion lev­el IP53. The smart­phone is not sealed, com­plete­ly pro­tect­ed from mois­ture and dust. There­fore, it is bet­ter to imme­di­ate­ly pur­chase a good cov­er for it. If the child is care­ful with the tech­nique, a sil­i­cone pad will suf­fice. But if you need more reli­able pro­tec­tion, it is bet­ter to choose a book case that cov­ers the smart­phone from all sides.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A52

Styl­ish, frame­less and large (diag­o­nal 6.5 inch­es, screen res­o­lu­tion 2400x1080) smart­phone for 35,934 rubles. Pow­er­ful mod­el with 8 cores and 256 GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry. It will def­i­nite­ly be enough for edu­ca­tion­al files, and for enter­tain­ment con­tent.

Smart­phone Sam­sung Galaxy A52 can eas­i­ly replace a pro­fes­sion­al cam­era. Pho­to: tehnobzor.ru

The smart­phone with a capa­cious bat­tery (4500 mAh) is equipped with a fast charg­ing func­tion. There­fore, in 3–4 hours it is ful­ly charged.

Pro­tec­tion lev­el IP67. This is bet­ter than the pre­vi­ous ver­sion. The smart­phone will with­stand rain, short-term expo­sure to water, but you can’t do under­wa­ter pho­tog­ra­phy with it. The cam­era (64 megapix­els) allows you to take impres­sive pic­tures both day and night.

Smartphone Google Pixel 6

A cool smart­phone for real Tik­Tok stars for 59,254 rubles. The screen diag­o­nal is 6.4 inch­es, and the res­o­lu­tion is 2400x1080. This is enough for com­fort­able watch­ing videos and using appli­ca­tions.

Its main advan­tage is the cam­era. The main one con­sists of two sen­sors: 50 MP and 12 MP with a wide-angle lens. There is also an 8MP front cam­era. There is built-in image sta­bi­liza­tion, shoot­ing Ultra HD (4K) and slow motion (slow-mo) This is enough to cre­ate cool videos for social net­works. There is enough space on the device to store all the con­tent. For this, there is 128 GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry.

Google Pix­el 6 is a smart­phone with an excel­lent cam­era for social media stars. Pho­to: www.angkoo.com

The smart­phone has a pow­er­ful bat­tery — 4614 mAh. On a sin­gle charge, it can work for more than a day, even with reg­u­lar shoot­ing and watch­ing videos.

Pro­tec­tion lev­el IP68, the case is made of met­al. The phone is not afraid of dirt, pud­dles, dust. With it, you can get caught in the rain and snow — and after all, any­thing can hap­pen dur­ing film­ing.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The flag­ship of 2021 for 86,655 rubles com­pletes the top smart­phones for chil­dren. Its unique shape imme­di­ate­ly attracts atten­tion. When fold­ed, this is a small gad­get with a diag­o­nal of only 10.6 cm. Noti­fi­ca­tions and incom­ing calls are vis­i­ble on the exter­nal screen. With­out open­ing the phone, you can take a pho­to or play music.

The Sam­sung Galaxy Z Flip3 is a styl­ish and pow­er­ful flag­ship for study and enter­tain­ment. Pho­to: zekidemirkubuz.com

When unfold­ed, the Sam­sung Galaxy Z Flip3 is a large smart­phone with a 6.7‑inch screen with a res­o­lu­tion of 2640x1080. An 8‑core proces­sor is respon­si­ble for the speed of the device.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has 3 cam­eras: a 10MP self­ie cam­era and a dual 12MP rear cam­era array to cap­ture first-class shots. And 256 GB of mem­o­ry is enough for pho­tos, videos, appli­ca­tions.

Pro­tec­tion lev­el IPx8. Full pro­tec­tion against dust and water (even with pro­longed immer­sion to a depth of 1–1.5 meters). This is a smart­phone for a child for games, for study­ing, for hob­bies (for exam­ple, pho­to, video shoot­ing).

The smart­phones on our list received the fol­low­ing scores from 0 to 5:

Features/Model Xiao­mi Red­mi Note 10 Pro 8 Sam­sung Galaxy A52 Google Pix­el 6 Sam­sung Galaxy Z Flip3
Lev­el of pro­tec­tion against dust and mois­ture four 5 5 5
Diag­o­nal (the larg­er, the more con­ve­nient for study­ing) 5 four four 5
Screen res­o­lu­tion (the high­er it is, the bet­ter and clear­er the image) four four four 5
Bat­tery (the more, the longer the smart­phone will work on a sin­gle charge) 5 four 5 3
Mem­o­ry (GB) four 5 four 5
Front cam­era (MP) 5 5 four four
Mate­r­i­al of man­u­fac­ture (met­al case is more durable than plas­tic case) four four 5 5
Out­come 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.5