If you have a cat liv­ing at home, you prob­a­bly noticed how she marks time with her paws. But why do cats do it?

It turns out that there are several theories:

  • When kit­tens feed on their moth­er’s milk, they stim­u­late milk pro­duc­tion by paw­ing the moth­er cat’s tum­my with their paws. By paw­ing their paws in adult­hood, cats return to child­hood, feel­ing calm and safe.
  • tram­pling a place or a per­son with their paws, cats mark their pos­ses­sions. Cats have sweat glands on their paw pads that only oth­er cats can smell.
  • when cats were not yet domes­ti­cat­ed, they had to build a com­fort­able place to sleep by tram­pling grass and oth­er plants. Cats stomp around to get com­fort­able.
  • paw­ing is one of the ways to express your love and affec­tion for the own­er. If we assume that in this way cats relax and return to child­hood, then it turns out that the own­er is an ana­logue of their moth­er for them.