No won­der it is believed that soup is the first course, because a tru­ly full meal with­out it is def­i­nite­ly impos­si­ble to imag­ine. Soup can be meat, fish or veg­etable, puree or liq­uid, with noo­dles or pota­toes, dietary or rich — hot soup is always accept­ed by the body with a bang. How about five iron argu­ments in favor of the first course?

  • Soup is an excel­lent source of nutri­ents, espe­cial­ly if it is from sea­son­al veg­eta­bles. Deli­cious source of vit­a­mins!
  • The health­i­est way to improve diges­tion. It’s no secret that soups are the best friends of peo­ple with gas­troin­testi­nal prob­lems and dieters. Light soups stim­u­late the pro­duc­tion of enzymes and are eas­i­ly digest­ed, and also have a ben­e­fi­cial effect on the gas­tric mucosa.
  • A cure for many dis­eases. A life hack for all times and occa­sions is to eat hot soup with meat or chick­en broth dur­ing an ill­ness. It warms, gives strength and relieves ail­ments in case of colds.
  • The best way to achieve a pleas­ant feel­ing of full­ness with­out overeat­ing. Ide­al for those who watch their calo­rie intake! Diet soups are con­stant helpers on the way to a slim fig­ure.
  • Source of “cor­rect ener­gy”. Even dense meat soups are digest­ed faster and eas­i­er than sec­ond cours­es. In the process, a lot of ener­gy is released, thanks to which it is pos­si­ble to main­tain a feel­ing of cheer­ful­ness and not get tired dur­ing the day. That is why ath­letes are rec­om­mend­ed to eat soups, because they are a great help for mus­cle growth.

So, soup is the most impor­tant ele­ment of a com­plete diet. But often it takes quite a lot of time to cook it, or there are sim­ply no suit­able con­di­tions — on a trip, at work or in the coun­try. How to be?

Soup “Coun­try” will help you out!

For more than 25 years, Dachny has been pleas­ing house­wives with ease of prepa­ra­tion and guar­an­teed qual­i­ty at the best price. Soups are pro­duced by a reli­able and well-known man­u­fac­tur­er — the RUSSIAN PRODUCT com­pa­ny, which has been set­ting the qual­i­ty stan­dard since 1996.

Each bag of Dachny soup con­tains only safe ingre­di­ents. Qual­i­ty com­po­si­tion with­out GMOs, arti­fi­cial col­ors, fla­vors and added sug­ar. We have col­lect­ed a wide range of fla­vors so that every­one can cook their favorite soup with­out any has­sle. This does not take much time, and the result will always be excel­lent.

“Dachny” is a soup with a rich taste, har­mo­nious com­po­si­tion and high-qual­i­ty ingre­di­ents. Take it with you, cook it on a camp­ing trip or in the sum­mer kitchen. Four serv­ings in a bag will cre­ate a com­plete meal for the whole fam­i­ly!