It is worth men­tion­ing right away that smart watch man­u­fac­tur­ers do not divide mod­els into male and female. As a rule, they pro­duce uni­sex watch­es in sev­er­al sizes and with straps of dif­fer­ent col­ors. There is an excep­tion, but you will learn about it by read­ing the mate­r­i­al to the end.

For women, smart watch­es are more of an acces­so­ry, so the design and size of the gad­get are impor­tant to them, and func­tion­al­i­ty some­times plays a sec­ondary role. One way or anoth­er, before you buy a smart watch, you should study the fea­tures, advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages of dif­fer­ent mod­els.

What to look for when choos­ing a device?

Smart watch­es, like clas­sic ones, can be con­sid­ered an acces­so­ry that com­ple­ments the image. Source: alltime.ru

Case size

On a small female hand, a large smart watch may look bad, so a diam­e­ter of 44 mm and below is the best option. The same with the thick­ness: it is best if it is no more than 13 mm.


Ide­al­ly, if the smart watch strap can be replaced, and most man­u­fac­tur­ers pro­vide this option. Straps can be com­bined in col­or and style, usu­al­ly there are options for dark, light and bright shades.


All smart­watch­es dif­fer in their set of func­tions, but there is a min­i­mum “base”: heart rate mon­i­tor­ing, sleep qual­i­ty track­ing, step and calo­rie count­ing, sports modes, noti­fi­ca­tion dis­play.

Some mod­els have the abil­i­ty to mon­i­tor the men­stru­al cycle: usu­al­ly the man­u­fac­tur­er men­tions it sep­a­rate­ly.

Every­thing else — the pos­si­bil­i­ty of con­tact­less pay­ment, answer­ing calls and mes­sages, track­ing oth­er health indi­ca­tors, a GPS mod­ule or the num­ber of work­outs — depends on the spe­cif­ic hours. This also affects the cost of the gad­get.


Alas, not all smart­watch­es can boast of long work with­out recharg­ing. More­over, when the man­u­fac­tur­er names spe­cif­ic num­bers, you need to care­ful­ly read the con­di­tions under which the device works autonomous­ly for a cer­tain num­ber of hours.

For exam­ple, auton­o­my is sig­nif­i­cant­ly affect­ed by the Always On Dis­play func­tion (“always on dis­play”), GPS, one-time or con­tin­u­ous mon­i­tor­ing of cer­tain indi­ca­tors, the num­ber of work­outs, and so on.

Smartphone compatibility

Apple watch­es only work with Apple devices, and Sam­sung is not com­pat­i­ble with the iPhone. Some mod­els are suit­able for users of both Android and iOS gad­gets, but some of the func­tions are avail­able only when work­ing togeth­er with a smart­phone of the same com­pa­ny. This is a com­mon prac­tice to keep in mind before buy­ing a smart­watch.

Mod­els with a size of 44 mm or less look best on a female hand. Source: rawpixel.com

Smart watch price

As a rule, the cost of smart­watch­es reflects the func­tion­al­i­ty and qual­i­ty, but in some cas­es the price is too high for those fea­tures that the user does not need. In order not to be mis­tak­en, it is best to look for high-qual­i­ty reviews of smart watch­es, where there is detailed infor­ma­tion about their capa­bil­i­ties, advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages.

We have com­piled the top 8 smart­watch­es of dif­fer­ent design, fea­tures and prices. This list will help you choose a device depend­ing on your needs and finan­cial capa­bil­i­ties.

Apple Watch 7 — stylish and functional smart watch

The lat­est mod­el of Apple watch­es, which is dis­tin­guished from pre­vi­ous ver­sions by sev­er­al inter­est­ing inno­va­tions at once. The first is a screen enlarged by 20%: now it con­tains twice as much infor­ma­tion. At the same time, the weight of the case has not changed much com­pared to the Apple Watch 6. In addi­tion, the man­u­fac­tur­er claims that this is the most durable Apple smart watch: a spe­cial pro­tec­tive glass is used for the screen.

The sec­ond inno­va­tion is the pres­ence of an ECG sen­sor with the abil­i­ty to view the car­dio­gram in the Health app and export to PDF for print­ing. All oth­er sen­sors are also avail­able: Apple Watch 7 mea­sures the lev­el of oxy­gen in the blood, mon­i­tors sleep and res­pi­ra­to­ry rate.

Women tend to like Apple smart­watch­es for the con­ve­nience and accu­ra­cy of their activ­i­ty track­ing. With the help of the Fit­ness + appli­ca­tion, they work in con­junc­tion with the iPhone: the user selects a work­out (and there are a lot of them, by the way), launch­es it on the smart­phone, and Apple Watch 7 imme­di­ate­ly mea­sures the pulse and shows all the sta­tis­tics. The data is then down­loaded to the iPhone and the Health app.

The Apple Watch 7 jus­ti­fies its price with design and func­tion­al­i­ty. Source: apple.com

The Apple Watch Series 7 comes in two sizes: while the 45mm case might seem big to some, there’s a sleek­er 41mm vari­ant. The design is top notch as always.

Anoth­er nuance that is impor­tant for women: all Apple Watch straps, start­ing with Watch Series 3, are suit­able for this watch: clas­sic braid­ed or sports in dif­fer­ent mod­i­fi­ca­tions and col­ors.

But still, there are a cou­ple of draw­backs to this Apple Watch mod­el: not every­one can buy a gad­get because of the high cost (about 37,000 rubles), and the Series 7 bat­tery life is only about 18 hours. With AlwaysOn dis­abled, it increas­es to almost a day. How­ev­er, the Apple watch charges quick­ly: up to about 80% in half an hour. A USB‑C charg­ing cable is also a nice bonus.

Ben­e­fits of Apple Watch 7:

  • an impres­sive num­ber of func­tions and sports modes;
  • a vari­ety of col­ors of the case and straps;
  • NFC mod­ule for con­tact­less pay­ments;
  • enlarged brighter screen with AlwaysOn func­tion (always on dis­play).

Cons of Apple Watch 7:

  • high price;
  • com­pat­i­ble only with iOS devices;
  • low auton­o­my.

Apple Watch SE — Inexpensive Apple Watch

Apple also has a more afford­able ver­sion of the watch: it is also great for women, although it lacks some of the Watch 7 chips. In fact, the Apple Watch SE is a kind of com­pi­la­tion of Series 3 and Series 5, which has already been dis­con­tin­ued. Due to what the man­u­fac­tur­er man­aged to reduce the cost of the gad­get?

First, this Apple smart­watch does not have ECG and blood oxy­gen mea­sure­ment func­tions. Sec­ond­ly, there is no AlwaysOn mode. The third nuance is a small­er num­ber of col­ors: three ver­sus five avail­able on the Apple Watch 7. Oth­er­wise, the mod­el pleas­es with a famil­iar styl­ish design and excel­lent fea­tures.

The watch mon­i­tors heart rate and warns of irreg­u­lar heart­beats, mon­i­tors sleep dynam­ics, the men­stru­al cycle, and even hand­wash­ing. The user has access to many work­outs (includ­ing those that require GPS), immer­sion in water up to 50 meters, music con­trol and tele­phone con­ver­sa­tions through a smart watch, as well as con­tact­less pay­ment.

The Apple Watch SE has few­er fea­tures, but they also cost sig­nif­i­cant­ly less. Source: iphones.ru

The Apple Watch SE 40mm is a small­er mod­el with a 1.57-inch screen. Apple Watch SE 44mm, respec­tive­ly, is slight­ly larg­er, the dis­play diag­o­nal is 1.78 inch­es. The screen is not pro­tect­ed from dust and shock, but has good anti-glare prop­er­ties, and the images look bright and detailed.

A lit­tle about auton­o­my: the absence of AlwaysOn in this case plays into the hands. Accord­ing to user reviews, Watch SE watch­es last a lit­tle more than two days on a sin­gle charge with active use, and more than three days in econ­o­my mode.

The cost of watch­es starts from 24,990 rubles.

Ben­e­fits of Apple Watch SE:

  • more afford­able price;
  • two body sizes;
  • vari­ety of straps;
  • styl­ish design;
  • many sports func­tions;
  • high per­for­mance;
  • high­er auton­o­my com­pared to Apple Watch 7.

Cons of the Apple Watch SE:

  • lack of ECG and pulse oxime­ter func­tions.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 — smartwatch with BMI analysis

The Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4 is a new mod­el that was released in the sum­mer of 2021. Its main fea­ture was the use of the Wear OS oper­at­ing sys­tem and sup­port for Google ser­vices. How can a mod­el be inter­est­ing for women? In addi­tion to 90 train­ing modes and mon­i­tor­ing of key health indi­ca­tors, they have a body com­po­si­tion analy­sis func­tion. The watch dis­plays infor­ma­tion about the amount of fat, water, skele­tal mus­cle, body mass index and so on.

A use­ful inno­va­tion is the mea­sure­ment of ECG and blood pres­sure, but these func­tions are avail­able only to own­ers of Galaxy smart­phones with the Health Mon­i­tor appli­ca­tion installed.

The man­u­fac­tur­er pleased with the vari­ety by releas­ing four vari­ants of the Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4 at once. You can buy both an ele­gant Clas­sic ver­sion with a size of 46 or 42 mm, as well as a more con­cise and calm, but at the same time cheap­er Galaxy Watch in a 44 or 40mm mod­i­fi­ca­tion. To some, the Galaxy Clas­sic Watch 4 may seem rather mas­cu­line, but it’s a mat­ter of taste and style: some women pre­fer more “aggres­sive” mod­els.

Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4 not only takes ECG, but also mea­sures blood pres­sure. Source: samsung.com

Sam­sung smart­watch­es have a bright screen with excel­lent con­trast, so you can clear­ly see the image or noti­fi­ca­tions in sun­ny weath­er. By the way, about noti­fi­ca­tions: the user can not only read the mes­sage, but also reply to it direct­ly from the smart watch.

The rather low auton­o­my of the Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4 became a fly in the oint­ment. With the active use of hours, charg­ing lasts for about a day, and this applies to all ver­sions.

Sam­sung Galaxy Watch 4 Clas­sic costs around 30,000 rubles, and the stan­dard mod­el is about 25,000 rubles.

Advan­tages of Sam­sung Galaxy Watch:

  • choice of mod­els;
  • top screen;
  • ECG and blood pres­sure mea­sure­ment func­tion;
  • body com­po­si­tion analy­sis;
  • abil­i­ty to reply to mes­sages.

Cons of Sam­sung Galaxy Watch:

  • no com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with iPhone;
  • short bat­tery life.

Huawei Watch Fit — the lightest smart watch

Smart watch­es dif­fer from com­peti­tors in shape and ergonom­ics. The rec­tan­gu­lar case looks fem­i­nine and ele­gant, and the small thick­ness and weight of 21 grams give Huawei Watch Fit an addi­tion­al advan­tage: they are almost weight­less on the hand.

Despite the fact that this Huawei watch is in many ways infe­ri­or to Apple or Sam­sung mod­els and looks more like an advanced fit­ness bracelet, the mod­el turned out to be quite inter­est­ing. So, Huawei Watch Fit sup­ports 12 ani­mat­ed work­outs of dif­fer­ent dif­fi­cul­ty lev­els and for dif­fer­ent mus­cle groups. And this is not count­ing as many as 96 types of activ­i­ty up to sky­div­ing.

Huawei Watch Fit resem­bles a fit­ness bracelet, but is more func­tion­al than it. Source: huawei.com

Of course, in real time, the gad­get counts the heart rate, calo­ries and work­out time. There is a blood oxy­gen sen­sor and a func­tion for deter­min­ing the lev­el of stress, plus all the famil­iar fea­tures of fit­ness bracelets.

Huawei Watch Fit fea­tures a 1.64-inch screen with Always On Dis­play, sup­ports mul­ti­ple dis­play styles, and at least 80 watch faces in the Huawei Health app. The man­u­fac­tur­er offers five col­ors to choose from, among which there are del­i­cate white and pink. By the way, you can buy a more noble Huawei watch mod­el with a stain­less steel frame.

The auton­o­my of Huawei Watch Fit pleas­es: the man­u­fac­tur­er promis­es up to 10 days of work if GPS is turned off. The watch charges quick­ly — up to 80% in 30 min­utes.

The price of watch­es is an aver­age of 9,000 rubles, so this mod­el can be safe­ly called one of the most afford­able.

Advan­tages of Huawei Watch Fit:

  • low price;
  • good auton­o­my;
  • ele­gant and styl­ish design;
  • ani­mat­ed work­outs.

Cons of Huawei Watch Fit:

  • inabil­i­ty to respond to mes­sages and calls;
  • no NFC mod­ule.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is the cheapest smart watch

Xiao­mi MI Watch Lite is a bud­get watch. Like the pre­vi­ous mod­el, in terms of func­tion­al­i­ty, they are clos­er to a fit­ness bracelet. Watch­es can not be called exclu­sive­ly for women, but they are great for girls, and here’s why. The gad­get has a uni­ver­sal styl­ish design: the Xiao­mi MI Watch Lite watch will pass for a fash­ion acces­so­ry and addi­tion to the image. The sil­i­cone strap can be changed at will: for­tu­nate­ly, Xiao­mi pro­vides sev­er­al col­or options to choose from. The watch looks nice on the hand, but due to the small mass (31 grams) it is prac­ti­cal­ly not felt.

If there are no high demands on the watch, then Xiao­mi MI Watch Lite will be a great option. Source: mi.com

Xiao­mi MI Watch Lite sup­ports 11 work­outs, and both GPS and GLONASS are respon­si­ble for the accu­ra­cy of the route and dis­tance dur­ing the run. That is, a smart­phone is not need­ed to track these indi­ca­tors.

The set of sen­sors is small: Xiao­mi smart watch­es count the pulse and ana­lyze sleep, so you should pay atten­tion to this if the pres­ence of a sat­u­ra­tion mea­sure­ment or men­stru­al cycle track­ing func­tion is crit­i­cal. But there is a “Breath­ing” mode: the watch offers breath­ing exer­cis­es for relax­ation.

Yes, the 1.4‑inch TFT dis­play seems rather mod­est, but, accord­ing to user reviews, the pic­ture is dis­played clear­ly, and vis­i­bil­i­ty on the street, even in sun­ny weath­er, is always excel­lent. What’s nice is that the smart­watch has auto­mat­ic bright­ness con­trol (a rar­i­ty for an inex­pen­sive mod­el), and the screen auto­mat­i­cal­ly turns on when you raise your hand.

In nor­mal mode, Xiao­mi Lite watch­es work with­out recharg­ing for up to 9 days, and this is an excel­lent indi­ca­tor. Of course, with the use of GPS auton­o­my is reduced.

As for the price of Xiao­mi MI Watch Lite, you can buy them for about 5000 rubles. Per­haps, in the rank­ing of bud­get mod­els, these watch­es occu­py the first line.

Advan­tages of Xiao­mi MI Watch Lite:

  • low cost;
  • uni­ver­sal design with the pos­si­bil­i­ty of replac­ing the straps;
  • the pres­ence of a GPS mod­ule and GLONASS;
  • sol­id auton­o­my.

Cons of Xiao­mi MI Watch Lite:

  • not a lot of func­tion­al­i­ty;
  • aver­age qual­i­ty screen.

Amazfit GTS 2 mini — the best smartwatch in terms of price and features

This watch is part of the pre­mi­um line of Amaz­fit GTS, but, as you can already guess from the name, they are small­er in size. If so, then they are wor­thy of show­ing off on a wom­an’s hand. The design of the watch is pleas­ant, very rem­i­nis­cent of the Apple Watch.

Amaz­fit GTS 2 mini has a basic sil­i­cone strap (there is a choice of col­ors), but it is bet­ter to choose some­thing more sophis­ti­cat­ed and styl­ish for them. The stan­dard 20mm fas­ten­ing makes it easy to change the strap to a leather or braid­ed one.

Smart watch­es have received a sig­nif­i­cant set of func­tions: here is the usu­al heart rate mon­i­tor­ing, and mea­sur­ing the lev­el of oxy­gen in the blood, and track­ing the men­stru­al cycle, and mon­i­tor­ing sleep. In addi­tion to this, there are more than 70 sports modes and a PAI func­tion that moti­vates the user to move more dur­ing the week. Anoth­er undoubt­ed advan­tage of the Amaz­fit GTS 2 mini smart watch is the pres­ence of GLONASS and GPS.

Amaz­fit GTS 2 mini is rem­i­nis­cent of the Apple Watch design. Source: amazfit.com

The 1.55-inch screen is bright, and the Always On Dis­play can be con­fig­ured to turn off on a sched­ule, for exam­ple, or set to turn off auto­mat­i­cal­ly when the clock is off.

In terms of work­ing with noti­fi­ca­tions and appli­ca­tions, Amaz­fit GTS 2 mini show mod­est results. Noti­fi­ca­tions can­not be answered, as well as calls. There is also no NFC mod­ule.

How­ev­er, on the oth­er side of the scale — good auton­o­my. The man­u­fac­tur­er promis­es two weeks of work with­out recharg­ing, and appar­ent­ly, he is not disin­gen­u­ous: these 14 days include con­stant heart rate track­ing, sleep mon­i­tor­ing, sev­er­al work­outs per week using GPS.

Con­sid­er­ing that Amaz­fit GTS 2 mini watch­es cost an aver­age of 6,000 rubles, the dis­ad­van­tages do not seem too seri­ous.

Advan­tages of Amaz­fit GTS 2 mini:

  • easy strap replace­ment
  • styl­ish design like the Apple Watch;
  • many func­tions for mon­i­tor­ing health and phys­i­cal activ­i­ty;
  • GPS and GLONASS;
  • low cost.

Cons of Amaz­fit GTS 2 mini:

  • not very fast inter­face;
  • lack of NFC;
  • few options for work­ing with noti­fi­ca­tions and calls.

Garmin Lily — exclusively for women’s smart watches

Garmin Lily watch­es are not well known: users are usu­al­ly look­ing for mod­els from oth­er major brands already men­tioned. How­ev­er, Garmin Lily got into the rat­ing for a rea­son, as they are designed specif­i­cal­ly for women.

Design at the fore­front: this is a fash­ion acces­so­ry that will suit even those who do not play sports.

Out­ward­ly, Garmin Lily resem­bles an ordi­nary clas­sic watch with a neat round case with a diam­e­ter of 34 mm. At the same time, like the usu­al smart­watch, this mod­el is water resis­tant, so you can wear Garmin Lily in the pool or show­er. The gad­get is also unique in that it has a pro­tec­tive glass with a beau­ti­ful pat­tern in sev­er­al ver­sions.

Look­ing at the clas­sic design of the Garmin Lily, you can’t imme­di­ate­ly say that this is a smart gad­get. Source: garmin.com.hk

The watch mon­i­tors heart rate, sat­u­ra­tion, sleep, men­stru­al cycle, stress lev­el, offers breath­ing exer­cis­es and tracks 7 types of work­outs. All data is logged in the Garmin Con­nect app, where you can then view infor­ma­tion and changes in detail for any peri­od.

How­ev­er, in terms of func­tion­al­i­ty, the Garmin Lily watch falls short of the pre­mi­um seg­ment: there is no NFC, no GPS, no abil­i­ty to lis­ten to music or reply to mes­sages. In this regard, the price of 20,000 — 25,000 rubles (depend­ing on the strap mate­r­i­al) seems some­what high. But for those who care about design, the Garmin Lily is the per­fect choice.

Advan­tages of Garmin Lily:

  • styl­ish design, beau­ti­ful screen design;
  • good func­tion­al­i­ty.

Cons of Garmin Lily

  • lack of NFC, GPS;
  • lack of voice com­mu­ni­ca­tion;
  • over­priced.

Fitbit Versa 3 — GPS watch for active women

Fit­bit Ver­sa 3 is not the newest mod­el (it appeared at the end of 2020). How­ev­er, it deserves atten­tion, since in sev­er­al ways it is suit­able for women, and espe­cial­ly for those who want to care­ful­ly mon­i­tor their activ­i­ty.

The Fit­bit watch case is 35mm in size and 12mm thick, so there are no com­plaints in terms of com­pact­ness. The gad­get con­stant­ly mon­i­tors the num­ber of steps or more intense move­ments and work­outs, reminds you to walk and shows progress over a cer­tain peri­od. There is GPS, so you do not need to take your smart­phone with you for a run.

Fit­bit Ver­sa 3 pleas­es with good func­tion­al­i­ty and appli­ca­tion capa­bil­i­ties. Source: pcmag.com

There is no ECG sen­sor, but the Fit­bit Ver­sa 3 mon­i­tors high heart rates and, in which case, vibrates. The smart­watch also tracks food and water intake, the men­stru­al cycle, and the esti­mat­ed fer­til­i­ty win­dow. All data is dis­played in the Fit­bit app.

You can reply to mes­sages from What­sApp and trans­late voice to text direct­ly from the watch, but if you use an Android smart­phone. iOS does not have this fea­ture. Anoth­er lim­i­ta­tion con­cerns lis­ten­ing to music from the watch: Apple Music or Spo­ti­fy users will not be able to do this.

The bat­tery life and fast charg­ing of the Fit­bit Ver­sa 3 are also impres­sive: the watch lasts about 6 days, and a 12-minute recharge of ener­gy is enough for anoth­er day of use.

The price for a watch with such char­ac­ter­is­tics is quite ade­quate: Fit­bit Ver­sa 3 costs about 24,000 rubles.

Ben­e­fits of the Fit­bit Ver­sa 3:

  • excel­lent func­tion­al­i­ty;
  • attrac­tive design and small size;
  • the abil­i­ty to answer mes­sages and calls;
  • the abil­i­ty to lis­ten to music;
  • voice assis­tant sup­port;
  • sup­port for con­tact­less pay­ments;
  • good auton­o­my.

Cons of the Fit­bit Ver­sa 3:

  • not all fea­tures are sup­port­ed on iOS;
  • not the high­est per­for­mance.