Feb­ru­ary 14 is approach­ing — Valen­tine’s Day, and of course, on this day you always want to give your soul­mate an unfor­get­table gift. The clas­sic set for this day includes flow­ers, can­dies and soft toys, but for those whose loved ones are into pho­tog­ra­phy and who want to real­ly sur­prise them with won­der­ful gifts, we have select­ed sev­er­al options that will def­i­nite­ly not leave any pho­tog­ra­ph­er indif­fer­ent.

  1. Bag for the cam­era

For every pho­tog­ra­ph­er, con­ve­nient trans­porta­tion of the cam­era is fun­da­men­tal­ly impor­tant. Whether we’re going on loca­tion, on a trip, or just out and about, the cam­era needs to be in per­fect con­di­tions. It is water and dust resis­tant, and reli­able shock pro­tec­tion, and of course, there is enough space for the cam­era and acces­sories to it.

There­fore, any pho­to enthu­si­ast or pro­fes­sion­al will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate such a gift as a cam­era bag.

In order to choose the right bag, it is impor­tant first of all to know what for­mat of shoot­ing the pho­tog­ra­ph­er prefers. For exam­ple, for more seri­ous shoot­ing, you will need a back­pack where the cam­era, addi­tion­al lens­es and a tri­pod will fit.

An excel­lent option would be the Man­frot­to Advanced Tri Back­pack. You can fit a SLR cam­era, up to 6 lens­es, a flash and even a lap­top in this back­pack. So this acces­so­ry is suit­able for both trav­el and out­door shoot­ing. A sep­a­rate plus is that the cam­era can be tak­en out with­out remov­ing the back­pack itself. The Man­frot­to Advanced Tri has a tri­pod mount and a com­part­ment for per­son­al items.

The Think Tank Pho­to Ret­ro­spec­tive 10 is ide­al for urban shoot­ing. This bag looks com­plete­ly ordi­nary, so in a crowd or on the street no one will ever guess that a cam­era is hid­den inside it. In addi­tion to the cam­era itself, 2–4 lens­es fit into it. In addi­tion, the bag has a spe­cial orga­niz­er com­part­ment for your pens, notepads, smart­phone, etc. How­ev­er, you can use it as an ordi­nary bag.

  1. Film­ing back­grounds

Anoth­er gift that will def­i­nite­ly sur­prise your soul­mate will be a stu­dio back­ground. There real­ly is plen­ty to choose from: you can pick up back­grounds of any col­or and from var­i­ous mate­ri­als. The paper back­ground is suit­able for full-length pho­to shoots, the fab­ric back­ground is suit­able for pho­to por­traits, and the chro­ma key is suit­able for pho­tos for fur­ther pro­cess­ing.

The Polaroid Arc­tic paper back­drop is per­fect for stu­dio or home use. This back­ground is 11 meters long, which means it will last a long time and help your favorite pho­tog­ra­ph­er cre­ate dozens of great shots.

Muslin back­drops from Fal­con Eyes can cre­ate an incred­i­ble atmos­phere. With their help, you can cre­ate amaz­ing por­traits, con­vey mood and com­fort. Such back­grounds are con­ve­nient and do not wrin­kle, are wash­able and reusable, in addi­tion, they have a huge selec­tion of dif­fer­ent tex­tures and col­ors. The length of 6 meters is enough to cov­er both the floor and the wall, and the fab­ric itself is light and soft.

Chro­ma key back­grounds can be fab­ric, paper or portable. The Green­Bean Twist Portable Back­drop 240 x 240 (Blue/Green) is a dou­ble-sided back­drop that’s con­ve­nient­ly sized for loca­tion shoot­ing and video. It folds and does not wrin­kle, so you can always take it with you.

  1. Polaroid instant cam­era

Polaroid is a world-famous instant cam­era that helps cap­ture the most beau­ti­ful moments of our lives. There­fore, there is noth­ing sur­pris­ing in the fact that such a cam­era can become an unfor­get­table gift.

Polaroid Snap and Polaroid Snap Touch are cut­ting-edge series of instant cam­eras.

Polaroid Snap is a sim­pler mod­el that has a 10MP matrix res­o­lu­tion. Thanks to spe­cial ZINK tech­nol­o­gy, pho­tos are print­ed with­out the use of ink in a mat­ter of sec­onds. To store pho­tos on the cam­era itself, you can use a microSD mem­o­ry card up to 32GB. You can set the timer, con­tin­u­ous shoot­ing mode and use shoot­ing sce­nar­ios. All this in a small body of a com­pact device with a styl­ish design.

The Polaroid Snap Touch cam­era has a 13MP matrix res­o­lu­tion and is capa­ble of print­ing 50x75mm images. In addi­tion, there is a con­ve­nient touch screen on the back of the case, where you can view frames both in the process of shoot­ing and when ready. If you use Snap Touch with­out a print­er, it func­tions like a reg­u­lar dig­i­tal cam­era, but it can bring a lot of fun and cap­ture many great moments.

  1. Mono­pod

For a reporter pho­tog­ra­ph­er or vlog­ger, there is no bet­ter and more use­ful gift than a mono­pod. Take pho­tos from above, at a dis­tance and save the cam­era from unnec­es­sary shak­ing — this is exact­ly what the mono­pod is respon­si­ble for. As a gift, you can choose either a sta­ble mono­pod with legs, or just a “leg”.

Sirui is one of the most famous man­u­fac­tur­ers of cam­era acces­sories, includ­ing tripods and monopods. There­fore, it is in their mod­el line that you will sure­ly be able to pick up a high-qual­i­ty and use­ful pho­to gift. Sirui’s prod­ucts are cre­at­ed using state of the art tech­nol­o­gy and have received the best reviews from many emi­nent pho­tog­ra­phers.

Mono­pod Sirui P‑324S is a trans­former. It comes with three sta­ble legs and can dou­ble as a table­top tri­pod, but the legs can also be detached to give you just a handy mono­pod.

Sirui P‑324S can with­stand up to 10 kg and has a min­i­mum work­ing height of 72.5 cm and a max­i­mum of 175 cm, and it weighs only 1.3 kg.

Mono­pod Sirui P‑324S is made of durable eight-lay­er fiber car­bon. It with­stands all weath­er con­di­tions, and the mate­r­i­al pro­vides light­ness and dura­bil­i­ty.

  1. Reflec­tors 7 in 1

For shoot­ing in the stu­dio and on the street, there is no more indis­pens­able acces­so­ry than a reflec­tor, so such a gift will always be use­ful for a pho­tog­ra­ph­er. The reflec­tor is used to cre­ate soft light and shad­ows on the mod­el’s face or object. Var­i­ous types of reflec­tors are used in pho­tog­ra­phy: sil­ver, gold, black, white, etc. Each of them per­forms a sep­a­rate func­tion and each has its own time and place. How­ev­er, on the street, shoot­ing wed­dings and oth­er events, or in the stu­dio, it is not uncom­mon for a pho­tog­ra­ph­er to take sev­er­al reflec­tors with them.

In this case, a handy 7‑in‑1 portable reflec­tor is the best solu­tion. Fal­con Eyes CRK7-32 is a reflec­tor that includes sev­en coat­ings.

  • gold­en
  • sil­ver
  • white reflec­tive
  • white translu­cent
  • sil­ver and gold stripes
  • green
  • blue

The reflec­tor has a work­ing diam­e­ter of 106 cm, and when fold­ed — only 40 cm. The kit includes a spe­cial bag and a hoop with dif­fus­ing fab­ric.

Give your pho­tog­ra­ph­er a 7‑in‑1 reflec­tor and their dai­ly work will be much eas­i­er!

Of course, if you are look­ing for the per­fect gift, but you just can’t find some­thing suit­able, you can pur­chase a cer­tifi­cate from the Fotosklad.ru store. Among the huge selec­tion of pho­to­graph­ic equip­ment and acces­sories, every pho­tog­ra­ph­er will find some­thing to their lik­ing, and you will be able to make a gift that will real­ly please.

And we can only wish a hap­py Valen­tine’s Day to you and your soul­mate!