Estab­lished belts from DSLRs are com­plete junk. To under­stand this, it is not even nec­es­sary to have a DSLR. It is enough to look at how many dif­fer­ent alter­na­tives are offered to them by third-par­ty man­u­fac­tur­ers.

The con­cept of a brand­ed belt is incon­ve­nient: once you attach the belt and then con­stant­ly get tan­gled in it when you take the cam­era in your hands, even for a minute. But even with­out a belt, there’s no way: it’s very incon­ve­nient to car­ry a load of a kilo­gram and a half just like that, tak­ing it in your hand. And the price of a mis­take is high. Fas­ten­ing and unfas­ten­ing each time is also not an option: thread­ing all these rib­bons into buck­les is a trou­ble­some busi­ness.

A rea­son­able com­pro­mise seems to be the use of a belt on small cara­bin­ers. Ali is full of these fas­ten­ers. But look­ing at pho­tos of that sus­pi­cious­ly flim­sy Chi­nese plas­tic, with those thin loops for cam­era eyes, I decid­ed that I was not ready to try my luck like that.

But it seems that there is one reli­able solu­tion after all. I took it for a test and quick­ly real­ized: yes, this is it.

So what was sent:

Bag with braid­ed strap. Weav­ing from a syn­thet­ic cord, sim­i­lar to a para­chute sling.
Here’s a big one.

On the one hand, the weav­ing ends with a melt­ed tip, a sling comes out of the weav­ing …

… on the oth­er — a loop where the sling is thread­ed. A ball with a lock only holds the desired loop size, it does not car­ry a pow­er load from the cam­era.

All! No joints, no plas­tic, no unpre­dictable snap hooks and bro­ken strings. No glue or tape either.

We pass the loop through the eye­let for the belt. She her­self will not slip, it is bet­ter to push some­thing thin.

The diam­e­ter of the sling is exact­ly such that it can crawl through, but there was no free space left. What is called, “strength for all mon­ey.”

And voila!

When I was throw­ing away my very first dig­i­tal cam­era, I took off the loop from it. Now my lantern hangs on it. Once a brand new fotik has long been in the trash, and the loop — it turned out to be eter­nal. I think when this DSLR suf­fers the same fate, the para­chute line will move on to the next one. And what will become of her? This is a rapid­ly chang­ing dig­i­tal world. And in the world of ropes — sta­bil­i­ty.

Yes, the loop is elas­tic, pleas­ant to the touch, not rough, but not slip­pery either. Does­n’t rub the hand.

I give a gift idea to those who use mas­sive cam­eras.
And fans of every­thing “tac­ti­cal” should like that in some emer­gency sit­u­a­tions the cord can be untwist­ed to be used for emer­gency needs.

Here is the link -> Link
About a hun­dred rubles!

There are many col­or options out there. I chose black and red, like Canon’s stock belt.
Well, the dis­count, again, right now.