Hi all. Yes­ter­day I received a ring soft­box from AliEx­press for tik­tok­ers, youtu­bers and insta­gram­mers, so I sug­gest you take a clos­er look at it. By the way, now there is a sale on AliEx­press, so you can buy addi­tion­al smart home devices at a dis­count, as I did. Also, on Telegram chan­nel Tech­noRe­view inter­est­ing tech­ni­cal devices, nov­el­ties from Xiao­mi and dis­counts on them appear even faster, so sub­scribe to be the first to know about every­thing. Go.



The device is affixed in a reg­u­lar blue card­board box with a huge amount of text in Eng­lish. Also on the box there is an image of the soft­box itself.

Inside is the device itself, which is packed in a pim­ply bag. There is also a hold­er with a hinge for attach­ing the soft­box to a tri­pod. The hinge allows you to adjust the angle and rota­tion of the device, direct­ing the light in the desired direc­tion. The fix­a­tion of the hinge is car­ried out in a sim­ple way, name­ly, by tight­en­ing the con­trol bolt.

The soft­box itself has a diam­e­ter of 240 mil­lime­ters. You can also find soft­box­es with a large ring diam­e­ter. The design of the device is as sim­ple as pos­si­ble. The case con­tains LEDs, which are cov­ered with a white mat­te dif­fuser. At the bot­tom is a stan­dard thread­ed sock­et for mount­ing. An incom­pre­hen­si­ble solu­tion is that the pow­er cable is locat­ed almost next to the mount­ing sock­et, which makes it very incon­ve­nient to screw it to the plat­form on a tri­pod. More­over, the cable is bent at the base, which can ren­der it unus­able.

The soft­box is con­nect­ed to a pow­er source via a stan­dard USB con­nec­tor. It is most con­ve­nient to pow­er the device from an exter­nal bat­tery and not lead the cable to the out­let. This will be espe­cial­ly use­ful if you need to shoot a cer­tain part of the mate­r­i­al or sim­ply quick­ly pre­pare a film­ing loca­tion.

There is a con­trol pan­el on the cable, through which you can adjust the bright­ness and range of the glow. So, you can set warm and cold light. The gra­da­tion of bright­ness is also very pleased. It can be adjust­ed in 10 lev­els.

Below is a pho­to with exam­ples of light­ing at max­i­mum and min­i­mum bright­ness with a cold and warm glow. The lumi­nous flux in this case varies from 250 to 5300 lux.

Below you can see exam­ples of shoot­ing with the addi­tion­al light­ing turned off and, accord­ing­ly, turned on. It is worth not­ing that the ring soft­box is main­ly designed for the light source to come direct­ly from the cam­era itself.

That is why it has such a design. How­ev­er, this does not mean that it can­not be used as a source, which will be locat­ed on the side.

As a result, we can say that this kind of soft­box can be used not only for tik­tok­ers, but also for shoot­ing con­tent for a YouTube chan­nel. Of the minus­es, one can note the high cost with the sim­plic­i­ty of the design and the strange solu­tion with the cable out­put. At the same time, it will not work to assem­ble one on your own, like a reg­u­lar soft­box, so in gen­er­al I do not regret this pur­chase and I hope that it will help to slight­ly improve the pic­ture qual­i­ty. Don’t for­get to sub­scribe to my YouTube and Telegram chan­nel. There, infor­ma­tion about new prod­ucts from Xiao­mi and not only appears the fastest. Thank you all for your atten­tion. Bye.