Good day, friends! Today’s review will focus on a com­pact tri­pod from Ando­er (accord­ing to the site). This office pro­duces a lot of pho­to and video acces­sories, which are famous for their low price and accept­able qual­i­ty. The tri­pod itself has in its arse­nal com­pact dimen­sions when fold­ed and is able to hold a heavy 60D with a but­block and a macro lens.

Arrives in a reg­u­lar card­board box, with­out any mark­ings. Pack­age dimen­sions — 23.7*8.5*8.2cm.

The appear­ance of the tri­pod does not raise ques­tions — this is a stan­dard vari­a­tion of a short tri­pod. The mate­ri­als used in the tri­pod are plas­tic, both on the swiv­el head and on the legs. Dimen­sions — 23.7 * 8.5 * 8.2 cm, weight — 0.466 kg.

The low­er part is a reg­u­lar tri­pod with rub­ber tips to pre­vent slip­ping. The fas­ten­ing of the inner tube is also made of plas­tic, the tubes them­selves are alu­minum, the tri­pod is held con­fi­dent­ly on the extend­ed legs. When fold­ed, the length is 17 cm, while with the extend­ed legs it already has a length of 23 cm.

The upper part, also known as the swiv­el head, does not have a remov­able plat­form for attach­ing to the cam­era, so you will have to screw in the thread with a nut from the back. The thread is stan­dard — 1/4 “.

The upper plat­form has the abil­i­ty to tilt, but in this sit­u­a­tion, a heavy cam­era can peck with its nose, since there is no hook for a plumb line.

The fix­a­tion of the upper plat­form occurs with a han­dle and it can also per­form turns around its axis.

When ful­ly unfold­ed, the tri­pod almost reach­es the height of a 2‑liter bot­tle of Coca-Cola.

Now we are test­ing with the cam­era and lens from the pref­ace to the review (YN-60mm­F2 macro).

The results obtained are pleas­ing, since there is no opti­cal axis shift due to the use of a tri­pod. And its com­pact­ness and height make it more con­ve­nient.

In the end, I’ll say that although the man­u­fac­tur­er Ando­er is declared, in fact this is an ordi­nary name­less tri­pod. Yes, it is com­pact and made entire­ly of plas­tic, but it more than per­forms its duties. Is he worth his mon­ey? Maybe, but I would look for a coupon to buy even cheap­er. And that’s all for now, thank you all for watch­ing!

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