A par­o­dy of the cam­era, seri­ous­ly cap­ti­vat­ing the child. And so that your inter­est is not lost after such a neg­a­tive pre­sen­ta­tion, to be hon­est, my daugh­ter does not come off the cam­era for the sec­ond day. And this is a sin­gle and rare case of inter­est in the toy.

Here is the page of this par­tic­u­lar cam­era on gearbest.

Car­toon Dig­i­tal Small SLR Cam­era Toy Gift for Chil­dren- But­ter­fly Blue
Car­toon Dig­i­tal Small SLR Cam­era Toy Gift for Chil­dren- But­ter­fly Blue
Packaging and appearance

The pack­ag­ing is def­i­nite­ly gift-wor­thy. Bright, col­or­ful, blue or pink to choose from. What you need.

Inside, under the “dust jack­et” there is a white card­board box with the cam­era itself, a charg­ing cable, a neck strap, an adapter for mem­o­ry cards, a screw­driv­er and a plug for the com­part­ment with it, stick­ers! and a ter­ri­ble trans­la­tion qual­i­ty instruc­tion.

The cam­era itself looks frankly child­ish and toy. It is real­ly com­pact, 50x75x25mm — exact­ly under the child’s arm. Plas­tic is aver­age in qual­i­ty, judg­ing by touch. It does not stink, there are no obvi­ous cast­ing defects, but there is also no feel­ing of thought­ful­ness and qual­i­ty of a good brand.

Below is a charg­ing cable con­nec­tor and an open mem­o­ry card slot. Thank you, I didn’t take it apart, it’s a gift to my daugh­ter, after all, you nev­er know how every­thing is arranged there … it’s quite pos­si­ble that this is the ver­sion of the Chi­nese assem­bly that allows only one-time dis­as­sem­bly. I have a sad expe­ri­ence of repair­ing a robot dog, after which it began to drag both paws. Yes, and a pho­to with exam­ples of work will let you know what to expect.

The back side is occu­pied by a screen of one and a half inch­es, 5 but­tons, a speak­er and red-green indi­ca­tors.

The screen is crap­py, but, in gen­er­al, tol­er­a­ble. More than for a toy. There is a col­or­ful splash screen to turn on and off.

At the top is a dec­o­ra­tive but­ton on the left (rather a fin­ger rest) and a real shut­ter but­ton on the right.

The lens is a yel­low cylin­der of about 3 cm with a cen­time­ter pupil. It is like­ly that it is plas­tic. Pru­dent­ly sealed with a trans­port film.

Camera at work

Menu: set­ting the date, choos­ing the lan­guage (in fact, only Eng­lish can be used here), choos­ing frames / vignettes.
Modes: sin­gle shot, series of shots, 10sec timer, video (like FHD -) )

image res­o­lu­tion selec­tion No

Basi­cal­ly, the menu is sim­ple.

charg­ing cur­rent 0.35A. Some sort of con­tain­er 650mah

I could not esti­mate the dura­tion of the work, since my daugh­ter con­stant­ly ran with him and delet­ed some­thing there. But, on one charge, the cam­era def­i­nite­ly works long enough for the child to get enough time.

Well, the most inter­est­ing. See)
I freaked out. For almost 30 bucks you get a flash­back from the past, some­thing like this filmed mobile phones in 2002–2003.
I thought for a long time where the man­u­fac­tur­er even dug up such sen­sors, I came to the con­clu­sion that it was from some kind of park­ing sen­sors. I do not know of any oth­er mod­ern device with such low image qual­i­ty.

Okay, here’s a pho­to gallery for you. 2592x1944.

to the heap and video.

It all looks bleak, I agree. But…

General impressions

But! For more than a day, my daugh­ter has not come off the cam­era at all. He builds some com­po­si­tions, end­less­ly pho­tographs every­thing.

I myself love to shoot, and this aspi­ra­tion of her can only please me. It may sound pre­ten­tious, but who knows, sud­den­ly this toy cam­era will become the first step in her life­long hob­by. Any­thing hap­pens…

As I wrote at the very begin­ning, I don’t think that oth­er cam­eras will be worse in this regard, since there is sim­ply nowhere worse.

In gen­er­al, the gift came exclu­sive­ly in place. There was no way I could have guessed that he would like it so much, and this is com­plete­ly expect­ed in the case of chil­dren.

I think that from the stand­point of an enter­tain­ment thing, this is def­i­nite­ly a good thing, and whether to buy its ana­logues on Ali or take this par­tic­u­lar mod­el is up to you. Amidst the col­lapse of any toy dis­pos­able rub­bish, this cam­era proved to be at least some­what use­ful thing.