The lens “Sele­na — S” 2.2 / 85 is man­u­fac­tured by the optics plant named after. S.A. Zverev (part of Ros­tec State Cor­po­ra­tion). It is designed for Canon EF mount SLR full-frame cam­eras, man­u­al focus and aper­ture set­ting. Of the fea­tures of the mod­el: a small num­ber of lens­es with mul­ti­lay­er coat­ing — only four in three groups, and a spe­cial “twist­ed” blur­ring of the back­ground of pho­tographs.

The lens is well suit­ed for artis­tic shoot­ing and group por­trait shots. The min­i­mum focus­ing dis­tance is 1 meter. The mass of “Sele­na — C” is 0.54 kg.

The main para­me­ters of the nov­el­ty are shown in the fol­low­ing pic­ture:

The domes­tic lens is already sold in CSN stores at a price of 36,999 rubles.