Hi all! Every writer of reviews or just a lover of prod­uct pho­tog­ra­phy, at a cer­tain point in time, asks the ques­tion: “How to diver­si­fy and choose the right back­ground for the sub­ject of a pho­to shoot?”. At first, the whole sur­round­ing space is used, but this is far from always con­ve­nient, both in size and in light­ing, and the choice of suit­able places is often very lim­it­ed. Pho­to­phones can help out in this mat­ter, and I will talk about one such option with AliEx­press in this review.

I will not pre­tend to have deep knowl­edge in the field of pho­tog­ra­phy, but my expe­ri­ence of reviews is large enough to under­stand that dif­fer­ent back­grounds are suit­able for dif­fer­ent objects, both in col­or or tex­ture, and in pur­pose. There­fore, I ordered five pieces at once, or rather, ordered 4, and got one extra for free. The sell­er, when buy­ing four, gives one more as a gift. The big advan­tage is that the back­grounds are dou­ble-sided, which gives me ten dif­fer­ent options for shoot­ing. Bought here. If you buy sev­er­al, you can apply a pro­mo code: summermman200sep (200/1600 rubles for all goods)

The pho­to­phones arrived in a tight­ly rolled roll, around a round foam cylin­der:

Pho­to­phones look like thin sheets of plas­tic or thick vinyl film. In fact, the base is paper, lam­i­nat­ed with a mat­te tex­tured film. I was con­vinced of this when I acci­den­tal­ly delam­i­nat­ed the edge while unpack­ing, remov­ing the pack­ing tape:

But the sheets them­selves are smooth, mat­te and dense, it is not easy to tear them. On sale on Aliex­press there are also pho­to­phones made of thin syn­thet­ic fab­ric. I bought them too — I didn’t like them, they are very thin, they don’t hold their shape, it’s dif­fi­cult to smooth out the folds. It’s eas­i­er with panoram­ic ones, although they tend to curl up into a roll at first, but this is solved by sim­ply press­ing some­thing heavy in the cor­ners.

Sheet size 57*87 cm:

Pho­to­phone tex­tures are var­ied: wood, stone, brick, tile, etc. Sur­prised that the qual­i­ty of tex­ture detail is dif­fer­ent. For exam­ple, here’s a pret­ty good one:

And here the dpi is clear­ly regret­ted, the tex­ture on the left back­ground looks blur­ry:

But the rough bleached mason­ry looks like a real one:

Below are back­grounds on both sides. Tree:


Tiles and mar­ble:

Stone. For me, this back­ground turned out to be the most dif­fi­cult to use. This pho­to­phone is dark and despite the fact that its sur­face itself is mat­te, a glare is still notice­able in side nat­ur­al light:

At the end of the review, I will give a few exam­ples of shoot­ing objects:

The size is large enough to place quite large objects on them:

In gen­er­al, pho­to­phones from AliEx­press are quite a good tool for those who want to diver­si­fy their pho­tos and add a suit­able entourage for shoot­ing. The choice of col­or options and design is large, although the qual­i­ty of the tex­tures is not always high.