Fuji­film has launched a new gen­er­a­tion of mobile
print­ers Instax Mini Link 2. Like the pre­vi­ous mod­el, it uses pho­to paper
Instax Mini with a print speed of about 15
With. Portable print­er prints images 62 × 46 mm (800 × 600 dots, 318
dpi). Pos­si­ble num­ber of print­ed images up to 100 pieces from one charge
built-in bat­tery.

Instax Mini Link 2 in three col­ors

Instax Mini Link 2 dif­fers from the pre­vi­ous ver­sion in that it has two new print modes. They are called: instax-Rich (pro­vides rich col­ors) and instax-Nat­ur­al (col­ors in the pho­to look more nat­ur­al).

instax-Rich and instax-Nat­ur­al

Anoth­er nov­el­ty is the Instax­Air mode — paint­ing with light. By point­ing the LED at the end of the print­er at your smart­phone and mov­ing the print­er in the air, you can write text or draw a pic­ture, as if you were hold­ing a bright flash­light in your hands.

With Instax Mini Link, you can also draw on pho­tos with your fin­ger, crop pic­tures, change bright­ness, or add text, stick­ers, bub­bles, emo­jis, frames, col­lages. There is a func­tion to print frames from the video.

Mini Link 2 works with Fuji­film X‑S10 cam­eras. From this
the cam­era has the abil­i­ty to send pho­tos direct­ly to the Mini print­er
link 2.

A short video about the pos­si­bil­i­ties https://youtu.be/nYsNx6N6eLw

Mini Link 2