When sub­ject shoot­ing a bunch of lit­tle things, it gets bor­ing to turn and twist devices and so on in order to show from all sides. I thought about buy­ing a turntable, the type that con­fec­tion­ers use. How­ev­er, I took it not with a man­u­al dri­ve, but with an elec­tric motor. I took a larg­er diam­e­ter to fit larg­er items.



Rotary table with a diam­e­ter of 22 cm (Non­ame)


Rotary table with a diam­e­ter of 22 cm


22 cm


220V (con­sumes less than 3W)

Max item weight

Up to 15 kg (actu­al­ly 9 kg)

Pack­ag­ing, appear­ance and equip­ment

Cor­ru­gat­ed card­board pack­ag­ing will pro­tect the table from dam­age. How­ev­er, the jour­ney can be long and any­thing can hap­pen.

It has basic data about the table, which is more than enough, as well as a pho­to of the table. Inside the device is in a bub­ble bag.

Round white table with­out 4 mm 22 cm in diam­e­ter and 42 mm in height. The case is plas­tic, rough. The design is sim­ple, the fall most like­ly will not sur­vive. Pow­er con­nec­tor C7, i.e. pow­ered by 220V, no USB. Of the con­trols 3‑position switch: I 0 II. In the descrip­tion and log­i­cal­ly, the extreme posi­tions should either have dif­fer­ent speeds (as indi­cat­ed in the descrip­tion) or direc­tion. There is a fuse at the bot­tom. There are no screws, so I didn’t take it apart, because. if it’s latched and I don’t guess right, I’ll just break it. Let’s get straight to the point.


When turned on, the table imme­di­ate­ly begins to rotate, each inclu­sion in a chaot­ic direc­tion. The speed is the same regard­less of posi­tion I or II. Let’s try to put some­thing.

The table copes with small things, let’s try larg­er items and at the same time heav­ier ones.

I did not use a tri­pod, but it is clear that the pho­tos will be more sta­ble. It han­dles a rel­a­tive­ly small load with­out any prob­lems. It is indi­cat­ed that it can with­stand up to 15 kg, we will check it with pan­cakes.

Pan­cakes, judg­ing by the weights — 4780 g, and with 2 pan­cakes, the table starts to slip, most like­ly 9 kg is the ceil­ing for it. With axle box­es, it can change the direc­tion of rota­tion (as when turned on, ran­dom­ly). 15 kg will most like­ly burn the motor. By the way, the table con­sumes up to 3 watts, an aver­age of 2.6–2.7 watts.



Rotat­ing table — will be a great helper for pho­to and video shoot­ing, as well as a tri­pod. Although it does not with­stand the declared weight, I can well rec­om­mend it for pur­chase, because. up to 9 kg, you can shoot a lot of things, includ­ing large things, like com­put­er cas­es and mon­i­tors. One speed, ran­dom direc­tion.