Recent­ly, I decid­ed to start record­ing videos with tech­ni­cal reviews on the YouTube chan­nel. There­fore, first of all, I faced the ques­tion of buy­ing a bud­get light and a tri­pod in the kit. I did not want to buy some­thing expen­sive, instead I looked for the cheap­est, at that time, LED table lamp with a diam­e­ter of 26 cen­time­ters RING FILL LIGHT SL-26E with a tri­pod. Today I’ll tell you what it is.

Main characteristics

Exter­nal diam­e­ter 26 cm
Light source LED SMD
Mate­r­i­al plas­tic, LED, car­bon steel
gen­er­al pow­er 21 W
LED lamps 120 pcs
Nutri­tion USB from 5W/5V pow­er sup­ply
Smooth bright­ness con­trol There is
Gen­er­al light­ing 2500 LM (lumen)
Col­or mode 3
light tem­per­a­ture warm light (2800K), nat­ur­al light (4500K), white light (6000K)
Mount­ing screw 1/4″
Device weight 500 gr


The lamp is sup­plied in a black card­board box with a pic­ture of the con­tents on the front side. The back side con­tains infor­ma­tion about the tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics and rec­om­men­da­tions for use. There is no use­ful text on the sides oth­er than the name of the LED ring.

Kit overview

The kit includes:

  • LED lamp with pow­er cable
  • Table tri­pod
  • Hold­er for your mobile phone
  • Hinge
  • Self­ie Remote


Let’s start with the most impor­tant part. The lamp is made of cheap black plas­tic. The seams are not of high qual­i­ty, in some places even pieces of plas­tic stick out (you can imme­di­ate­ly feel it if you touch the inner seam of the device). There are no holes for ven­ti­la­tion on the back, it fol­lows that the lamp will get very hot dur­ing oper­a­tion.

There is also a hole in the back from which the pow­er cable is stretched. The length of the cable, as stat­ed, is 2 meters, but when I mea­sured it, I real­ized that I was deceived by 3–4 cen­time­ters, but this is not so impor­tant, because the prob­lem is com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. The cord bends near the hole, let­ting us know that we need to be care­ful in unnec­es­sary move­ments, oth­er­wise it will not last long. The fact is that I have not had time to use the device yet, and the wire is already a lit­tle bro­ken.

Below, on the inner and out­er sides, there are two threads. Inside for attach­ing a smart­phone hold­er, and out­side for installing a hinge.

The phone hold­er is a lit­tle tight in my opin­ion, in order to bend it in the right direc­tion, con­sid­er­able effort will be required (it becomes much soft­er over time).

The hinge is made of met­al, which could not but please. Allows you to rotate the paw 360 degrees, mak­ing it eas­i­er to work with it. I note right away that the mount often breaks and the lamp falls under the weight of the phone. At the bot­tom of the hinge there is a hole for a tri­pod.

The desk­top tri­pod seemed very frag­ile. It seems that if you press a lit­tle from above, then the whole struc­ture will fly apart. The legs of the tri­pod are rub­ber­ized, but this does not help at all, the device eas­i­ly rides on the table with­out any resis­tance.

A self­ie remote was also includ­ed as a gift. I won’t dwell on it, I’ll just show you how it looks.


Hav­ing assem­bled the device, which is not dif­fi­cult, we con­nect it to a pow­er source. It is very con­ve­nient that the lamp is pow­ered via a USB con­nec­tor, you do not have to be tied to sock­ets, you can eas­i­ly con­nect it to a com­put­er or to a portable charg­er.

You can under­stand that the device is work­ing by the light-up but­ton on the con­trol pan­el. The remote con­trol itself is very con­ve­nient, there are 4 keys on it, two of which are designed to switch bright­ness lev­els, one is on / off and a but­ton to select the light­ing mode. Dur­ing long oper­a­tion, this remote con­trol gets very hot.

The lamp shines in three modes:

  • Warm light
  • nat­ur­al light
  • White light

Each mode has ten lev­els of bright­ness. My phone was unable to trans­mit these lev­els. In the pho­tos I will show you only how the lamp works in all modes.

Warm light, gives a more yel­low tint

nat­ur­al light. I only use it, because in the evening it replaces the light from the win­dow.

White light. The pho­to is almost indis­tin­guish­able from the nat­ur­al.

I will also show how the light­ing changes in the pho­tographs of the sub­ject. To begin with, I pho­tographed with­out the use of addi­tion­al light­ing.

And now he turned on the lamp and closed the win­dows so that it was dark­er. Warm light in the first pho­to, nat­ur­al light in the sec­ond and white light in the third.

Since most often I use nat­ur­al light (more pleas­ant in my opin­ion), I will show the dif­fer­ence between the max­i­mum and min­i­mum bright­ness lev­els.

I real­ly liked that there are indeed ten lev­els of bright­ness, although there is not such a strong dif­fer­ence between them.


Minus­es not­ed not so much, real­iz­ing that the device is very cheap and it is not worth demand­ing the impos­si­ble from it.

  • cheap, poor qual­i­ty plas­tic, leaves much to be desired
  • lamp and remote con­trol heat up quick­ly
  • screw adjust­ment points loosen over time
  • unsta­ble tri­pod legs that slip on smooth sur­faces


The advan­tages not­ed are:

  • despite all the dis­ad­van­tages, the light suits me, even very
  • three light modes
  • Ease of con­nec­tion to any pow­er source
  • long cable
  • ease of assem­bly

Video with the operation of the device


Sum­ming up, I want to say that for the mon­ey this is a great option. If you want to take pho­tos and shoot videos, but do not have a large amount on hand, then this light option will suit you.