The mono­pod has long been a pop­u­lar device for tak­ing a vari­ety of group and per­son­al pho­tos. It is con­ve­nient to take it on vaca­tion to cap­ture the mem­o­ry of the entire com­pa­ny with which you are rest­ing at the same time. Also, such devices are wide­ly used for per­son­al shoot­ing. Well, in this pub­li­ca­tion I will make a small review of the bud­get mod­el of a mono­pod with a Blue­tooth remote con­trol.


  • Brief spec­i­fi­ca­tions
  • Pack­ag­ing and equip­ment
  • Appear­ance
  • Func­tion­al­i­ty and fea­tures
  • Blue­tooth remote con­trol
  • Con­clu­sion
Brief specifications
  • Fold­ed length: 180mm
  • Length in max­i­mum unfold­ed posi­tion: 700 mm
  • Max­i­mum smart­phone width for fix­ing: 90mm
  • Weight: 115 g.
Packaging and equipment

The device comes in a reg­u­lar car­ton pack­age, pre-packed in plas­tic wrap. There was noth­ing in the kit except the instruc­tions, but lat­er it turned out that the sell­er had put an already installed bat­tery in the con­trol pan­el.

The instruc­tion is tra­di­tion­al­ly exe­cut­ed in Chi­nese and Eng­lish, but I think it is not par­tic­u­lar­ly need­ed.


In the fold­ed posi­tion, the device has a length of 180 mil­lime­ters, it is quite com­pact and, if nec­es­sary, can be car­ried in a wide pock­et. It is also worth not­ing the good hard plas­tic from which the device is made. In the event of a fall, or any impact, in my opin­ion, the mono­pod will be dif­fi­cult to dam­age.

Functionality and features

Enu­mer­at­ing the capa­bil­i­ties of this device, I will start from its low­er part, where a stan­dard thread­ed con­nec­tion is installed, on which, if nec­es­sary, you can screw a tri­pod or oth­er nec­es­sary equip­ment. I will also add that the sell­er from whom I pur­chased the mono­pod now only has mod­els with a built-in tri­pod, but for those who need it, I will add a link to exact­ly the same mod­el as in the review. In my opin­ion, now it is more ratio­nal to take a mono­pod already with a built-in tri­pod, it is absolute­ly the same, only it has the abil­i­ty to trans­form the han­dle into a tri­pod.

The latch­es that direct­ly hold the smart­phone slide out sim­ply and effort­less­ly, each of the latch­es has an insert made of a spe­cial mate­r­i­al. The mate­r­i­al of the inserts is both durable and feels like fab­ric, so you should not wor­ry about dam­ag­ing your smart­phone from a mono­pod.

Direct­ly the smart­phone hold­er itself is set to the angle you need with char­ac­ter­is­tic clicks, with each click, the hold­er is inde­pen­dent­ly fixed in a pre­de­ter­mined posi­tion.

As for the clamp­ing spring, it is real­ly very tight and you will have to fix the smart­phone with a cer­tain effort, but this is more of a plus than a minus.

I used the device with my POCO X3 smart­phone with a weight of 215 grams and a width of 76.8 mm plus a case. The smart­phone sits well in the mono­pod, I did not observe any pre­req­ui­sites for a break­down or fall.

I will add that at the max­i­mum exten­sion the tele­scop­ic part of the device sags a lit­tle, but sag­ging can also be observed even on more expen­sive mod­els.

To check the reli­a­bil­i­ty of fix­ing the smart­phone in the device, I con­duct­ed a small exper­i­ment and made sure that with strong shakes or cir­cu­lar move­ments of the hand at the max­i­mum exten­sion of the tele­scop­ic tube, the smart­phone does not fly out, but it is still bet­ter to use the device for its intend­ed pur­pose.

But the obvi­ous dis­ad­van­tages include a rather large angle of rota­tion around its axis at max­i­mum exten­sion. Such a rota­tion is avail­able on almost all such devices, but here it is quite large. When using it does not cause any par­tic­u­lar incon­ve­nience, but still I would like to avoid it.

But when fold­ed, the above-men­tioned rota­tion is absent due to a sim­ple posi­tion lock.

Bluetooth remote control

The con­trol pan­el is locat­ed on the han­dles of the mono­pod, it is made in the form of a small detach­able but­ton, which is very con­ve­nient when using the device as a tri­pod (in case of order­ing a new mod­el with a trans­formable han­dle).

Inside the but­ton there is a small chip and a slot for a CR 1632 bat­tery.

To con­nect the remote con­trol to a smart­phone, you need to hold down the but­ton for 3–4 sec­onds, after which the blue LED will light up, then on the smart­phone we find the remote con­trol via Blue­tooth (the device is called Self­ieCom) and make a con­nec­tion. In the future, after turn­ing on the remote con­trol con­nects to the smart­phone in just a cou­ple of sec­onds, which is very con­ve­nient. The remote con­trol is also turned off by long press­ing the but­ton.

Bought here — Now there is only a con­vert­ible mod­el of the tri­pod han­dle.

Mod­el as in the review


In gen­er­al, I am sat­is­fied with the device, the device com­bines a low price and quite good qual­i­ty, I use it with my smart­phone and do not wor­ry about it. I would also like to note a con­ve­nient remote con­trol, which great­ly expands the func­tion­al­i­ty and helps to take more inter­est­ing pho­tos. I pur­chased it as a more com­pact device, since my main mono­pod, which I use, is quite large and it is not always con­ve­nient to take it with me. By the way, I also did a review on it, which can be viewed at the link. Well, that’s all, dear read­ers, thank you for your atten­tion.