Today’s short review is ded­i­cat­ed to anoth­er opti­cal device from SVBONY. But it was this mod­el that I liked the most. The SV49 monoc­u­lar has a com­pact size, is water­proof and pro­vides a clear pic­ture. And the opti­cal para­me­ters of 13x mag­ni­fi­ca­tion and 50 mm lens diam­e­ter are opti­mal for obser­va­tions in the city and in nature.


  • Spec­i­fi­ca­tions
  • Pack­ag­ing and equip­ment
  • Appear­ance
  • Exploita­tion
  • Con­clu­sion


  • Mod­el: SV49 13×50 (F9342A)
  • Mag­ni­fi­ca­tion: 13x
  • Lens Diam­e­ter: 50mm
  • Eye­piece diam­e­ter: 20mm
  • Prism type: Por­ro, BK7
  • Prism Coat­ing: MC
  • Focus sys­tem: sin­gle
  • Eye relief: 18.5mm
  • Exit pupil diam­e­ter: 4mm
  • Min­i­mum focus­ing dis­tance: 4.5m
  • Field of view at 1000 m: 114 m (6.5 degrees)
  • Water pro­tec­tion: IP65
  • Hood: no
  • Tri­pod: yes, 1/4″ thread
  • Dimen­sions: 183x89x92 mm
  • Weight: 425 g.

Packaging and equipment

The monoc­u­lar was deliv­ered a cou­ple of days after the order to the Pyate­rochka Pos­tom­at clos­est to the house. The pack­ag­ing is reli­able — a card­board box wrapped in a film, and in it a monoc­u­lar in a nylon bag-case. Bag dimen­sions: 210x120x85 mm.

The device is made in Chi­na.

The nylon pack­age bag is well suit­ed for car­ry­ing the monoc­u­lar — it has thick walls for shock pro­tec­tion and it has an adjustable shoul­der strap.

Svbony SV49 deliv­ery set:

  • Monoc­u­lar 13×50 with pro­tec­tive caps
  • Shoul­der bag
  • Mul­ti­lin­gual user man­u­al (with­out Russ­ian lan­guage)
  • cloth nap­kin
  • Sil­i­ca Gel Mois­ture Resis­tant


In this line of mod­els there is anoth­er option with an adjustable mag­ni­fi­ca­tion of 10–30x50. Let’s move on to the exter­nal inspec­tion of the opti­cal device Svbony SV49.

The case is bar­rel-shaped and cov­ered with non-slip rub­ber-like plas­tic and addi­tion­al pro­tru­sions. On the bot­tom of the case, on the ledge, there is a 1/4″ thread­ed sleeve for mount­ing on a tri­pod. A small tri­pod is handy when viewed from a win­dow.

I was sur­prised by the large range of focus adjust­ment of the monoc­u­lar. Eye­piece with soft rub­ber eye­cup. Rotates smooth­ly, with­out jam­ming.

The diam­e­ter of the effec­tive part of the lens is 51 mm, the pupil of the eye­piece is exact­ly 4 mm. The lens coat­ing gives off a green col­or. The eye­piece and lens are closed with plas­tic caps. Lens hood is not pro­vid­ed.

The mass of the opti­cal device is with­in rea­son­able lim­its, it is quite pos­si­ble to observe from the hands, on and on the shoul­der it is not as notice­able as large spot­ting scopes (for exam­ple, Svbony SV28 25–75x70).


The first and most impor­tant rea­son I liked this mod­el is that the field of vision is full: with­out black fields on the sides and with good sharp­ness in the cen­ter. Yes, there is some dis­tor­tion and loss of sharp­ness at the edges, but there is no obvi­ous col­or dis­tor­tion. The pic­ture is very nice, I did not expect this from a bud­get device. Per­haps there are not so many lens­es (fixed mag­ni­fi­ca­tion) along the light path and the pic­ture is not “blurred”.

To get sharp pho­tos through the eye­piece, a tri­pod and a smart­phone hold­er are desir­able. The mul­ti­plic­i­ty is still more than ten, and the pic­ture is sen­si­tive to any touch.

Now, a few exam­ples of pho­tos through the eye­piece at dif­fer­ent dis­tances and light­ing.

I note the min­i­mum focus­ing dis­tance — about 4 m:


Svbony SV49 13×50 — despite the low price, I was pleased with a good pic­ture and a well-made case with water pro­tec­tion. For domes­tic obser­va­tions (for the same birds) it is enough. The device is easy to use and comes with a handy car­ry­ing bag.

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