Good day, friends! Today I will tell you about a pho­to back­pack from some Xin­quan.

The look of the bag. It can be seen that they tried to do some­thing youth­ful and sporty, but they obvi­ous­ly went too far. It would be pos­si­ble to remove col­or­ful inserts and ver­ti­cal lines, it would obvi­ous­ly be bet­ter with­out them. The dimen­sions of the back­pack are 370*270*150mm.

The inscrip­tion is embroi­dered, the mate­r­i­al of the back­pack is poly­ester.

A zip­per with two slid­ers pass­es through the entire front part, behind which the main com­part­ment for pho­to­graph­ic equip­ment is hid­den.

Side view.

On the left side there are mounts for car­ry­ing a tri­pod. Low­er straps with Vel­cro, upper straps with draw­string.

Phone pock­et on the right side.

Back view. For ease of wear­ing, a soft lin­ing made of some mate­r­i­al with a mesh is pro­vid­ed.

Bot­tom view. It would be pos­si­ble to make plas­tic inserts so as not to stain the back­pack.

View from above. The han­dle is made of kozh.zama in brown. The lines are even.

Let’s get acquaint­ed with the pock­ets through­out the bag. On the front there is a hid­den plas­tic zip­per with a dog (no mark­ings on it). Inside deep (240mm) pock­et. Can be used to car­ry a tablet.

The straps, as well as the belt sup­port, are made of the same mate­r­i­al. There is a length adjust­ment.

We open the back­pack and get acquaint­ed with the dec­o­ra­tion. Here I would like to note that I use the back­pack at the moment and it is com­plete­ly filled with me. So it will even be in place. So, the bag does not have a rigid frame, the inner walls can be trans­ferred and form any mesh. What I didn’t like right away was the pres­ence of a zip­per on the out­side of the back­pack, and not on the back. That is, any­one can open my back­pack and pull out the equip­ment, while the light­ning behind my back would solve this prob­lem. In this case, you can squan­der equip­ment in the amount of more than 100t.r. It will be a shame.

For fas­ten­ing the walls, Vel­cro is used on the sides of the back­pack. In total, I man­aged to place 8 lens­es and a cam­era with a bat­tery pack at the same time. With this arrange­ment, the weight of the back­pack tends to be huge, but the straps are easy to hold and do not press on the back.

The reclin­ing part also pro­vides for the place­ment of any per­son­al items. There you can put a charg­ing sta­tion with a wire to charge the cam­era, flash mem­o­ry, syn­chro­niz­ers and more.

Did I like the back­pack? Rather yes than no. My com­ments are main­ly on the design of the main cam­era com­part­ment and the awk­ward pat­terns on the front. Plus­es are large capac­i­ty, good tai­lor­ing (and quite strong) and mul­ti­ple par­ti­tions to form any grid. And that’s all for now, thank you all for watch­ing!

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