A tri­pod is an impor­tant piece of equip­ment for pho­tog­ra­phy and videog­ra­phy, and today the mar­ket offers a huge selec­tion of dif­fer­ent tripods designed for dif­fer­ent cam­era instal­la­tion and light­ing tasks. In this pub­li­ca­tion, we will con­sid­er one inex­pen­sive, but quite inter­est­ing tri­pod mod­el that I pur­chased on the Aliex­press web­site.

You can buy here Ana­logue

I note right away that in the review the tri­pod is bronze, and the link above is a black tri­pod.

Main tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics

  • Max­i­mum height: 1455 mm
  • Fold­ed height: 580 mm
  • Min­i­mum work­ing height: 555 mm
  • Tri­pod weight: 1065 gr
  • Max­i­mum load up to: 3000 gr

After pay­ing for the goods, the tri­pod arrived, like most parcels from Chi­na, in about two weeks, and I picked it up at the post office. It was packed in an ordi­nary Chi­nese pack­age with a pim­ply film, inside of which was the box itself with a tri­pod. The box con­tains a brief tech­ni­cal descrip­tion and pic­tures visu­al­iz­ing the advan­tages of this mod­el.

The tri­pod comes with a fab­ric cov­er, of rather low qual­i­ty, but it will cope with its func­tions, and I think it will last a long time if used for its intend­ed pur­pose. I will also add that the case has a com­fort­able shoul­der strap for car­ry­ing the device on the shoul­der, the strap has the abil­i­ty to adjust the length for dif­fer­ent peo­ple.

The main ele­ments that dis­trib­ute the load are made of alu­minum alloy, and the prod­uct also has a num­ber of plas­tic parts. In gen­er­al, we can say that the assem­bly of the tri­pod and the qual­i­ty of the mate­ri­als used are ful­ly con­sis­tent with its price. The weight of the prod­uct with­out a cov­er is 1065 grams.

When fold­ed, the tri­pod has a length of 580 mil­lime­ters and its min­i­mum work­ing height is 555 mil­lime­ters.

Small plus­es include the pres­ence of small liq­uid lev­els on the body of the tri­pod, which will help a lit­tle if you need to accu­rate­ly posi­tion the cam­era.

It is also worth high­light­ing the pres­ence of a tri­pod car­ry­ing han­dle, which is quite con­ve­nient if you need to fre­quent­ly move from one loca­tion to anoth­er.

At the bot­tom of the prod­uct there is a hook for hang­ing a work bag, in which it is desir­able to place some­thing heavy for sta­bil­i­ty when using a tri­pod in an open space. This can pre­vent the tri­pod from falling off dur­ing a sud­den gust of wind. There is also a latch that, in the closed posi­tion, will pre­vent the tri­pod legs from fold­ing togeth­er.

Please note that the tri­pod has a max­i­mum load capac­i­ty of 3kg, but I would not load it with that weight when ful­ly unfold­ed. Depart­ing a lit­tle from the descrip­tion of the tri­pod, I will say that I use it as a sup­port for aux­il­iary light­ing. Some­times I mount my cam­era on a tri­pod, but only in the fold­ed posi­tion of the tri­pod, and my cam­era is one of the light­est in its class and weighs about 450 grams with­out a lens. Also, the tri­pod is ide­al for any smart­phone.

The low­er part of the legs is equipped with swiv­el sup­ports, they take the posi­tion of the floor or oth­er plane on which the tri­pod is installed.

This prod­uct has one design fea­ture. Exclud­ing the base, the tri­pod has two retractable leg sec­tions, due to which, when fold­ed, it has a slight­ly longer length than sim­i­lar tripods with three retractable sec­tions.

Below I will attach a few pho­tos of com­par­i­son with a more expen­sive tri­pod mod­el from Ando­er, which you can buy at this link. Also, in my blog on the site there is a com­plete review of the above mod­el.

The height of the tri­pod in the unfold­ed state is 1150 mil­lime­ters, but this does not include the raised sec­tion.

The above sec­tion is lift­ed by rotat­ing a spe­cial lever, after lift­ing it, it is nec­es­sary to fix the sec­tion with a spe­cial screw.

Thus, the max­i­mum pos­si­ble tri­pod height is 1450 mil­lime­ters.

As with most tripods, this tri­pod has a detach­able piece of equip­ment, mak­ing it quick and easy to mount a cam­era or any oth­er equip­ment.

I will note in the review the pres­ence of a con­ve­nient main han­dle, which allows you to eas­i­ly rotate the cam­era in two planes with­out shak­ing.

You can also see the video ver­sion of the review, in which some of the design fea­tures of the tri­pod will prob­a­bly be clear­er for you.


Sum­ming up, I want to say that this is an excel­lent bud­get tri­pod mod­el, which is def­i­nite­ly suit­able for full-fledged use with a smart­phone or with addi­tion­al equip­ment in the form of light­ing. You can also use it with a cam­era, but you need to do it care­ful­ly with extra pre­cau­tions. For exam­ple, I would def­i­nite­ly not rec­om­mend using this tri­pod mod­el out­doors in strong winds. Well, that’s all, dear read­ers, I hope this pub­li­ca­tion was use­ful to you. And if you have any ques­tions, ask them in the com­ments, I will try to answer.