Hel­lo! Today we will talk about the Ulanzi R096 Dou­ble Super Clamp, which I ordered on Aliex­press (the cost on the day of the review is $ 24.) This type of fas­ten­ing allows you to fix var­i­ous equip­ment. It is this clip that is often used to fix a stand with a pho­to umbrel­la, it is also used to attach a mono­pod to a table (if there is no tri­pod), even to fix a flash­light on a bicy­cle han­dle­bar. In gen­er­al, you can be cre­ative as you like.

Despite the crum­pled appear­ance of the box, every­thing is fine with the con­tents, because there is a good pro­tec­tive “gas­ket” inside. By the way, the Ulanzi R096 dou­ble clamp is that rare case when you can find a real­ly high-qual­i­ty “gad­get” for work on Ali, I have been look­ing for some­thing like that for a long time , for mount­ing a “screen” that cre­ates a shad­ow or scat­ters light in a car while dri­ving, “ordi­nary tripods” are not suit­able for such pur­pos­es. While writ­ing this, an idea came up: fas­ten the mini tri­pod with a clamp to the “door han­dle” so that the “rack” does not fly away when brak­ing.

  • Mate­r­i­al: Weath­er­proof (Alu­minum + mat­te black paint)
  • Clamp­ing range: 10–60mm
  • Max­i­mum load 1.5 kg (declared by the man­u­fac­tur­er)
  • Clips: Met­al + sil­i­cone gas­ket
  • Weight 281 grams

It is always dif­fi­cult to esti­mate the size of the device in pho­tographs, so I sug­gest that with­out fur­ther ado go to the “mea­sure­ments”

When order­ing, I was 100% sure that this is a “com­pact” clamp that does not take up much space, but as you can see in the “min­i­mum con­di­tion” its length is 160 mm. In the pho­to it seems that even more, but this is an opti­cal illu­sion.

The width of the “crab” is 20 mm, and the min­i­mum diam­e­ter of the pipe that is need­ed for fix­ing is 10 mm, in the “open” state the size is 98 mm, in the closed state 83 mm

At the max­i­mum open­ing of the “crab”, we observe a size of 65 mm, but still I would focus on size 2 of 60 mm, since you can’t fix any­thing well for the “edge”, and if we are not talk­ing about a “table­top”, but some­thing like a pipe, then focus on 58 mm, because you need to fix the clamp on the pipe.

The clamp has good sil­i­cone “pil­lows”, even with a strong “fix­a­tion” they do not slip, and it is impor­tant that they do not scratch the “edges”, the paint of the object to which they are fixed

Speak­ing about such sub­tleties, it is impos­si­ble not to notice that atten­tion to the client lies every­where. Here, for exam­ple, the rota­tion lock along the axis has a sil­i­cone gas­ket so as not to scratch the paint, and leave the pos­si­bil­i­ty of fine tun­ing.

This reg­u­la­tor mea­sures 48mm and is the “widest” point when assem­bled “hor­i­zon­tal­ly”. Let’s test the com­mit:

The soft box weighs 1.7 kg (although 1.5 kg is stat­ed on the manufacturer’s web­site), I attached it to a children’s “slide” that has a smooth sur­face, the clip passed the test with a bang

Well, now I pro­pose to sum up and look at all the pros and cons that I found for myself:


  • All-met­al body (even clamp “vents”)
  • Good fix­ing rub­ber “pads”
  • Pos­si­bil­i­ty to fix the weight high­er than stat­ed
  • Tac­tile feel­ing (mat­te black paint, non-slip in hands)
  • Price


  • If you look close­ly, you can see that the body has “craters”
  • The valve reg­u­lat­ing the rota­tion of the clamp is rigid­ly fixed on one “crab”

Order this clip HERE

By the way, there was anoth­er inter­est­ing option for attach­ing a flash or micro­phone:

I could not resist the abun­dance of var­i­ous acces­sories and ordered anoth­er flash hold­er, which I will talk about next time.