Xiao­mi con­tin­ues to cre­ate an impec­ca­ble rep­u­ta­tion in the mobile device mar­ket, every year cre­at­ing more and more devices that occu­py top places in the rat­ings of tech­nol­o­gy. Smart­phones from Xiao­mi are incred­i­bly pop­u­lar due to their afford­able price and abun­dance of fea­tures, while in terms of qual­i­ty they are absolute­ly not infe­ri­or to more emi­nent com­peti­tors. In 2017, the com­pa­ny intro­duced a lot of new mod­els, which are def­i­nite­ly worth pay­ing atten­tion to as a fan of new prod­ucts in the world of smart­phones, as well as to every­one who is look­ing for a new and high-qual­i­ty device for com­mu­ni­ca­tion, games and work.

So, let’s look at smart­phones from Xiao­mi, which are on hear­ing today.

  1. Xiao­mi Mi Mix 2

Big, frame­less, bright — all these words are per­fect to describe the Xiao­mi Mi Mix 2 smart­phone that con­tin­ues the mi Mix series. The orig­i­nal ver­sion of this device appeared in 2016 and it is to her that we owe the pop­u­lar­iza­tion of smart­phones with­out frames on the screen.

Of course, every­thing in this smart­phone is aimed at the dis­play — 5.99 inch­es of images are def­i­nite­ly worth it. The bezels that frame the screen are so thin that they are almost impos­si­ble to notice, so it seems that you are hold­ing a dis­play in your hands. The front cam­era is locat­ed at the bot­tom, this inno­va­tion obvi­ous­ly takes some get­ting used to, but it takes no more than a few days. So, we get a screen that is 10% larg­er than that of Red­mi Note 4, while the case is only 0.5% high­er.

The aspect ratio on the Mi Mix 2 is 18:9, so movies and games will be a lot of fun when played on this smart­phone. The ceram­ic case also looks very attrac­tive, and it is extreme­ly pleas­ant to hold it in your hands. It cre­ates a real feel­ing of a top smart­phone.

But the appear­ance is not all that the device boasts. Pow­er­ful Snap­drag­on Qual­comm 835 runs inside with 6GB of RAM, the bat­tery has a capac­i­ty of 3400mAh with fast charg­ing capa­bil­i­ty. This def­i­nite­ly puts the Mi Mix 2 on par with flag­ships.

  1. Xiao­mi Mi 6

Mi 6 is the flag­ship mod­el of 2017, and every­thing inside and out­side of the smart­phone speaks for itself. Inside, again, we see a Snap­drag­on 835 CPU, and we get 6GB of RAM and two options — 64GB or 128GB of inter­nal stor­age. But this alone would not be enough to attract atten­tion and cause a lot of talk. There­fore, Xiao­mi Mi 6 is also equipped with a dual cam­era that can take amaz­ing pho­tos. First of all, it is worth not­ing a dou­ble opti­cal zoom, and then it remains only to add the abil­i­ty to shoot in a spe­cial por­trait mode, and all pho­tog­ra­phers will def­i­nite­ly be inter­est­ed in this device.

You get back­ground blur effects (bokeh), which allows you to make the pho­to more volu­mi­nous and bright. Well, all fans of video shoot­ing on a smart­phone will not be able to get past the four-axis sta­bi­liza­tion.

I must say that both the fill­ing and the cam­era are still not all that Xiao­mi Mi 6 boasts. This device is equipped with a 5.15-inch dis­play, and today it can be con­sid­ered a com­pact smart­phone. Com­pared to many com­peti­tors, it is extreme­ly light and fits com­fort­ably in the hand. Well, the bat­tery with a capac­i­ty of 3350mAh qui­et­ly lasts all day and sup­ports the fast charg­ing func­tion.

The screen res­o­lu­tion is 1080, but don’t let that dis­ap­point fans of pho­tog­ra­phy and video, because it is clear and bright, the smart­phone’s speak­ers sound loud and con­fi­dent.

Ulti­mate­ly, it all comes down to the fact that Xiao­mi Mi 6 offers the user a lot for their mon­ey.

  1. Xiao­mi Mi A1

In some ways, this smart­phone resem­bles the Google Nexus 4, which is loved by many users. To date, Xiao­mi Mi A1 is one of the lat­est smart­phones of the “Android One” pro­gram, which aims to cre­ate smart­phones with the lat­est ver­sion of Android at an afford­able price.

As for the design, the influ­ence of the iPhone 7 Plus is eas­i­ly rec­og­niz­able in Xiao­mi Mi A1 & What’s there, the smart­phone looks almost the same, but this is its advan­tage — after all, high-qual­i­ty mate­ri­als were used in the cre­ation.

The proces­sor and RAM will not dis­ap­point, so the per­for­mance of the smart­phone, cou­pled with the eas­i­ly and quick­ly run­ning ver­sion of Android, will allow you to run appli­ca­tions with­out dif­fi­cul­ty. In terms of per­for­mance, the smart­phone can be com­pared with last year’s flag­ships, but of course, it should be not­ed that the price of A1 will cost 2 times cheap­er.

If you like Xiao­mi but aren’t a fan of MIUI, then the Xiao­mi Mi A1 is the per­fect option as it’s the only smart­phone that runs Android with­out a UI.

Anoth­er advan­tage that many fans of Android smart­phones have been hunt­ing for for a long time is that updates on the Xiao­mi Mi A1 come auto­mat­i­cal­ly as soon as they become avail­able.

As for the cam­era, and here you will find good news — in terms of qual­i­ty, it shoots almost the same as the one installed on the Mi 6, it is dou­ble and eas­i­ly gets the title of the best among ana­logues in the same price cat­e­go­ry. The bat­tery capac­i­ty is 3080 mAh, so it will last all day.

  1. Xiao­mi Mi Max 2

Again we return to smart­phones with large dis­plays, but pow­er­ful fill­ing and a strong bat­tery. Just under this descrip­tion, Mi Max 2 is ide­al. Prac­ti­cal­ly a tablet from which you can also call, you can’t say oth­er­wise. Inside the device runs a Snap­drag­on 625 proces­sor and 4GB of RAM, which is more than enough for the vast major­i­ty of tasks.

The build is great as always, Xiao­mi nev­er skimps on looks. The dis­play of Xiao­mi Mi Max 2 is bright and sat­u­rat­ed, despite 342 pix­els per inch. In fact, this amount is com­plete­ly unno­tice­able, since the image is ide­al for watch­ing movies and play­ing games. The pic­ture on the screen is clear and sharp. The speak­ers are also a pleas­ant sur­prise, pro­vid­ing a uni­form and loud sound.

The bat­tery can’t be over­looked either, a big screen needs a lot of pow­er, so Xiao­mi equipped the Mi Max 2 with an excel­lent 5300mAh bat­tery with fast charg­ing capa­bil­i­ty. If you can’t imag­ine how much it is — explain! On one charge it is pos­si­ble to play video for 24 hours with­out inter­rup­tion. What to say about com­mu­ni­ca­tion? Speak­ing of the bat­tery, one can­not fail to note the pos­si­bil­i­ty of wire­less charg­ing.

The main cam­era of the smart­phone has a res­o­lu­tion of 12MP and allows you to shoot not only pho­tos, but also videos in 4K for­mat.

In a word, this unique smart­phone con­tains an incred­i­ble num­ber of use­ful and con­ve­nient func­tions.

  1. Xiao­mi Red­mi 4X

The Red­mi series of smart­phones is Xiaomi’s bud­get line. How­ev­er, with regard to assem­bly and fill­ing, the com­pa­ny is in no hur­ry to cut cor­ners and the qual­i­ty of equip­ment remains at its best.

Xiao­mi Red­mi 4X looks def­i­nite­ly attrac­tive, the smart­phone has an alu­minum body and a nice appear­ance, which of course still resem­bles the iPhone. This device will not sur­prise you with the lat­est spec­i­fi­ca­tions or the most pow­er­ful stuff­ing, but it will please you with a long ser­vice life and a nice price. The mid­dle vari­ant of this device is equipped with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry, while the top vari­ant has 4GB/64GB of stor­age.

One way or anoth­er, you will get a quad-core proces­sor, a bright and rich 720p 5‑inch dis­play, a 13-megapix­el cam­era and, of course, which is impor­tant — a bat­tery capac­i­ty of 4100mAh.

This smart­phone, of course, is not in the top lists, but for every­day tasks, it is per­haps dif­fi­cult to find a more suit­able option. There­fore, if you need a device for com­mu­ni­ca­tion, chat­ting, light games and watch­ing videos, Xiao­mi Red­mi 4X will always attract your atten­tion with its price-qual­i­ty ratio.

Of course, in 2018 we are wait­ing for some­thing new from Xiao­mi, and the talk does not stop. For exam­ple, Mi Mix 2S fans are look­ing for­ward to with par­tic­u­lar impa­tience. This smart­phone is rumored to be pow­ered by a Snap­drag­on 845 proces­sor with a 5.99-inch dis­play and lots of cool specs, includ­ing a Sony cam­era. The flag­ship smart­phone Mi 7 is also of inter­est. Its spec­i­fi­ca­tions will be almost the same: 8GB of RAM, the same proces­sor, but a 5.6‑inch screen. In a word, if you want to wait a bit, we will under­stand, because Xiao­mi always knows how to sur­prise.