Mod­ern gad­gets are increas­ing­ly becom­ing part of our lives, and steadicam sus­pen­sions for smart­phones are no excep­tion. The review will focus on the inex­pen­sive three-axis sus­pen­sion-steadicam SOOCOO Gim­bal Sta­ble Plat­form 3‑Axis Sta­bi­lized Hand­held Gim­bal

Steadicam pro­vides sta­bi­liza­tion of the posi­tion of the smart­phone in the angles of 330°(pan), 325°(pitch), and 180°(roll), and the appli­ca­tion auto­mat­i­cal­ly takes pho­tos and videos in var­i­ous modes. There are object track­ing modes and time­lines with panora­mas. Price $68 (with coupon)


Brand: Soocoo
Col­or: black
Bat­tery (built-in): 1 * 18650 Lithi­um Bat­tery 3.7V 3000mAh
Input Volt­age: 3.4V(Min.) 3.7V(Standard) 4.2V(Max.)
Oper­a­tion Cur­rent: 150mA(Min.) 1500mA(Standard) 3000mA(Max.)
Oper­a­tion Tem­per­a­ture: 0℃~40℃
Oper­a­tion Time: 12h
Pan Angle Range: 330°
Pitch Angle Range: 325°
Roll Angle Range: 180°
Com­pat­i­ble Mod­els: smart­phone with sizes under 6.0 Gopro3/4/5/6
Con­trol­lable Pitch Angle: ‑155°, +155°
Con­trol­lable Roll Angle: ‑30°, +30°
Con­trol­lable Pan Angle: ‑155°, +155°
Pay­load: 75~200g
Charg­ing Time: 3H
Charg­ing Volt­age: 5V
Charg­ing Cur­rent: 1A
Pow­er Out­put Volt­age: 5V
Pow­er Out­put Cur­rent: 1A
Item Weight:423g
Pack­age Size: 350*170*60mm
Pack­age Weight: 500g

Appear­ance Soocoo — a com­plete­ly mod­ern sus­pen­sion on three engines

The han­dle is made of a com­fort­able shape, the mount for a smart­phone is uni­ver­sal.

Pack­ag­ing is very bud­get — card­board box

Fea­tures of the sdedicam: the pres­ence of an out­put for charg­ing a smart­phone, the pres­ence of a thread for a tri­pod.

Comes with a wrist lan­yard and a USB charg­ing cable. There is an instruc­tion.

The small mass of the steadicam allows you to take it with you, for exam­ple, on vaca­tion.

For com­par­i­son — three steadicams of the same price range. Against the back­ground of oth­ers, Soocoo has good char­ac­ter­is­tics.

The smart­phone is sim­ply attached to the uni­ver­sal clamp of the device.

Alter­na­tive­ly, you can use the oppor­tu­ni­ty to install an action cam­era.

Although it is bet­ter to do this through a spe­cial adapter.

We turn on the steadicam (the bot­tom but­ton on the remote con­trol), it is ready to work imme­di­ate­ly. You need to con­nect it to your smart­phone for set­tings.

To con­nect to a smart­phone, acti­vate Blue­tooth on the smart­phone, look for a sta­bi­liz­er, con­nect.

Down­load the appli­ca­tion for con­trol­ling the steadicam (fol­low­ing the link from the instruc­tions, QR code).

Con­nect­ing to a smart­phone, mode menu, gen­er­al appli­ca­tion menu, panora­ma modes.

I checked the oper­a­tion of the steadicam in a decent frost — there are no com­plaints, I only rec­om­mend charg­ing it first.

Pho­to on the street. You can set the desired angle with the steadicam joy­stick, or select one of the ready-made modes, for exam­ple, panora­ma.

A lit­tle life hack — most steadicams are uni­ver­sal, you can install both a smart­phone and an action cam­era. This results in dou­ble sav­ings.

Sim­i­lar steadicams for smart­phones are inter­est­ing gad­gets, as for your­self, just try it. So with the pur­pose of a gift to a pas­sion­ate per­son. Steadicam will pro­vide good pho­tos and videos from your vaca­tion!

You can buy Soocoo steadicam here.

Price $68 with coupon CRF5671.