I’m still look­ing for a good and con­ve­nient solu­tion for tak­ing pic­tures with a “viewfind­er” on the com­put­er screen (Live­View) and sav­ing a pho­to with the click of a but­ton

In April, I already asked for advice on my blog about this. I had an idea to buy some com­pact Canon cam­era (most like­ly G7, G9 or G10) on Avi­to, con­nect it to a com­put­er via USB and use stan­dard or alter­na­tive shoot­ing soft­ware. These foti­ki now sell for 2–3 thou­sand rubles.

Many advised using a smart­phone for shoot­ing with an appli­ca­tion that allows you to con­trol it via Wi-Fi.

Leonid Kaganov advised the IP Web­cam appli­ca­tion (its web inter­face is in the title pho­to). Every­thing is cool there, there are many set­tings, Live­View works, but it’s impos­si­ble to “take a pic­ture” by press­ing one but­ton: when you click the “Take Pho­to” but­ton, a new brows­er win­dow opens with a pho­to that can be saved using stan­dard brows­er tools, and then close the win­dow. This is per­fect­ly accept­able if one pho­to is tak­en, but when you need to take dozens of them in a row, this is no good. It is nec­es­sary that by click­ing “Take a pho­to” a file is cre­at­ed in the spec­i­fied fold­er on the com­put­er and a name is giv­en to it auto­mat­i­cal­ly, as any cam­era or phone does when tak­ing a pho­to, how­ev­er, the option of sav­ing the pho­to on a smart­phone is also suit­able.

Anoth­er Droid­Cam appli­ca­tion gen­er­al­ly wants 400 rubles for the abil­i­ty to save pho­tos. How the pho­to will be saved and how good and con­ve­nient it all can be found out only by pay­ing.

The Cam­era Remote app saves pho­tos only on your smart­phone, but can then import them one by one to your com­put­er.

This would be accept­able if the appli­ca­tion was work­ing prop­er­ly. But for me it con­stant­ly hangs and stops show­ing the pic­ture.

Sure­ly there are oth­er appli­ca­tions that work well and do the right thing. Or maybe just some cam­era appli­ca­tions have remote con­trol from a com­put­er with Live­View (this is also suit­able).

If you know of such appli­ca­tions, please advise!

PS Or still buy a Canon G7 for two thou­sand?