Smart­phones have tak­en over the mar­ket today. Cheap and expen­sive, small and huge, cam­era phones and gam­ing — there are options for every taste. But even with such a vari­ety of smart gad­gets, the demand for push-but­ton dialers remains. They are com­pact and have a long bat­tery life. About how to choose a push-but­ton mobile phone and what it is for, they told in this mate­r­i­al.

Sim­ple “dialers” do not go out of fash­ion. These are not only bud­get devices. Among push-but­ton gad­gets there are very expen­sive mod­els with a lux­u­ri­ous design. Pho­to: nypost.com

Who needs a fea­ture phone in 2022
How to choose the right mod­el
Form fac­tor
Fea­ture phone screen
But­ton size
Addi­tion­al fea­tures
Fan­cy Gad­gets
lux­u­ry mod­els
Fea­ture phones and secu­ri­ty

Who needs a feature phone in 2022

one. Lit­tle chil­dren. Not every­one is ready to buy a smart­phone for a preschool­er. But to stay in touch, you can pur­chase a push-but­ton ana­logue. An impor­tant plus is that the child will not spend all the time in games and watch­ing videos. He will not be depen­dent on gad­gets, and you can always get through to him.

2. Pen­sion­ers. Not every­one wants to get acquaint­ed with new tech­nolo­gies. And the pos­si­bil­i­ties of smart devices are some­times fright­en­ing and repul­sive for old­er peo­ple. They are afraid to press the wrong part of the sen­sor, acci­den­tal­ly down­load some­thing, etc. If inter­act­ing with a smart­phone is stress­ful for a per­son, it is bet­ter to buy a con­ve­nient push-but­ton phone. Anoth­er plus of such devices is that there are mod­els with very large but­tons. This is impor­tant if an old­er per­son has poor eye­sight or trem­bling hands. The large but­ton is eas­i­er to press than try­ing to select the desired num­ber on the touch screen.

3. Serv­ing in the army and in closed enter­pris­es. It is not always legal to use a smart­phone. There­fore, the alter­na­tive is a push-but­ton tele­phone to stay in touch.

four. For those on a dig­i­tal detox. Some peo­ple are inde­pen­dent of social net­works, instant mes­sen­gers. They use a com­put­er to access the Inter­net. And they don’t need to be online all the time. To make calls or send mes­sages, it is enough for them to have a push-but­ton tele­phone.

Such devices come in dif­fer­ent shapes, sizes, with a col­or or black and white screen, with the abil­i­ty to access the Inter­net and with­out it. You can choose an option for any request. Pho­to: live24.ru

How to choose the right model

Form factor

Man­u­fac­tur­ers today are try­ing to make smart­phones het­ero­ge­neous. Slid­ers appear (Leno­vo Z5 Pro GT), clamshells (Huawei Mate X2). There’s even a futur­is­tic dual-screen LG Wing. But these are iso­lat­ed cas­es. But among push-but­ton phones there is a large selec­tion of mod­els with dif­fer­ent form fac­tors.

There are:

- monoblocks — a design with­out mov­ing ele­ments. For exam­ple, Philips Xeni­um E227;

- clamshells — the body is fold­ed in half, you need to open it for use. For exam­ple, F+ Flip2;

- slid­ers — con­sist of two halves, the top must be moved up to open the key­board. For exam­ple, Nokia 8800.

The most durable type is the first. There are no mov­ing parts that can quick­ly wear out or break.

Slid­ers are styl­ish mod­els that will last a long time if han­dled with care. Pho­to: thegioidoco.net


It is not always pos­si­ble to charge the phone every day. The own­er (for exam­ple, a child) may sim­ply for­get that this needs to be done. There­fore, bat­tery capac­i­ty is an impor­tant para­me­ter that you should pay atten­tion to.

1000 mAh is the aver­age bat­tery capac­i­ty of most mod­els. For exam­ple, Itel it5026 with 1200 mAh can work up to 3 days on a sin­gle charge. And the 2000 mAh bat­tery should be enough for 7 days of mod­er­ate use with­out recharg­ing.

Feature phone screen

The rec­om­mend­ed diag­o­nal is at least 2.4 inch­es. If the screen is small­er, then very lit­tle infor­ma­tion is placed on it, the text is poor­ly vis­i­ble.

Anoth­er para­me­ter worth pay­ing atten­tion to is the dis­play res­o­lu­tion. It depends on it how clear the text, image will be. The min­i­mum com­fort­able for a small screen (2.4 inch­es) is 240x240 pix­els. The fig­ure may vary depend­ing on the screen size. For exam­ple, the Itel it5626 has a 2.8 inch dis­play and a res­o­lu­tion of 320x240.

Button size

An impor­tant point if you have to choose a push-but­ton tele­phone for an elder­ly per­son. If a pen­sion­er has trem­bling hands or poor eye­sight, it is bet­ter to choose mod­els with the largest pos­si­ble but­tons. They are eas­i­er to hit than small or touch ones. An exam­ple of mod­els with large but­tons: Philips Xeni­um E207, F+ B241, FinePow­er S185, Pana­son­ic TU150.

The larg­er the but­ton, the eas­i­er it is for an elder­ly per­son to con­trol the phone. Pho­to: sb-smart.ru

Additional features

They are option­al, but use­ful:

- torch. Avail­able in almost every device. But in some mod­els, it can be designed in a spe­cial way. For exam­ple, the Pana­son­ic TF200 has a sep­a­rate on/off slid­er on the side­bar. No need to go to the menu and look for “Flash­light” there, just move the slid­er;

- two slots for SIM cards. For exam­ple, Nokia 210 Dual Sim. This is a push-but­ton tele­phone with a 2.4‑inch col­or screen and a res­o­lu­tion of 320x320 (the inscrip­tions and pic­tures are clear and bright). You can insert 2 SIM cards from dif­fer­ent oper­a­tors to call any num­ber with­out restric­tions;

- radio, MP3 play­er. An option that most gad­gets have. If you need a built-in FM radio and/or MP3 play­er, look no fur­ther than the F+ Flip2. It has a good bat­tery capac­i­ty (750 mAh) and built-in mem­o­ry of 32 GB. This is enough for long hours of lis­ten­ing to the radio or your favorite down­loaded songs;

- cam­era - in push-but­ton phones, it is usu­al­ly not very good. But it is enough to take a pic­ture of a doc­tor’s work sched­ule or an announce­ment. For exam­ple, the Nokia 515 has a 5 megapix­el cam­era and a built-in flash. This is enough to take a pic­ture of the desired doc­u­ment, recipe, etc.;

- Blue­tooth to share files with oth­er peo­ple;

- voice act­ing but­tons pressed and menu items select­ed. This fea­ture is also avail­able in almost all mod­els. You can enable or dis­able it in the set­tings;

- impact resis­tance, dust and mois­ture pro­tec­tion. For exam­ple, like the Cater­pil­lar Cat B26. It has a spe­cial hous­ing that pro­tects it from shock, dust and mois­ture;

- high vol­ume dur­ing calls and con­ver­sa­tions. If you want to choose and buy a good push-but­ton phone for a hear­ing impaired per­son. An exam­ple of a loud mod­el is the F+ F197 Bl.

We have col­lect­ed the best push-but­ton phones in a sep­a­rate arti­cle of our blog.

Fancy Gadgets

Now a few words about atyp­i­cal mod­els:

one. Nokia 230 — a gad­get with two cam­eras (main and front 2 megapix­els each). In push-but­ton devices, there is usu­al­ly no front;

2. INOI 246Z — the own­er of a large bat­tery (4750 mAh). The main fea­ture is that it can be used as a pow­er bank for charg­ing oth­er devices;

3. Strike F10 — the own­er of the most unusu­al design. Looks like a mod­el from the 90s. Has 3 slots for SIM cards, bat­tery 3600 mAh;

four. BQ 2817 Tank Quat­tro Pow­er - a large push-but­ton phone with a 5000 mAh bat­tery and 4 SIM cards. It can also be used as a pow­er bank.

Strike F10 — “guest” from the 90s. Pho­to: 808.media

luxury models

Push-but­ton phones are not just bud­get dialers. There are many mod­els of this type in the expen­sive seg­ment. For exam­ple:

- FORMA YOTO Lim­it­ed Edi­tion by Mobi­a­do. Capa­cious bat­tery (1500 mAh), styl­ish design, pleas­ant to the touch orna­ment applied to the entire body, unusu­al but­tons, 5 megapix­el cam­era. A lux­u­ry mod­el from this brand will cost 140,000 rubles;

- GRESSO 3310 — this is the Nokia 3310 in a “mod­ern read­ing”. The case is made of tita­ni­um (the phone can with­stand a fall from 10 meters), and the bat­tery can work up to 744 hours (month) in stand­by mode. There is a cam­era (2 MP), 2 slots for SIM cards, 32 GB of mem­o­ry. It costs from 155,000 rubles;

- SIGNATURE V by Ver­tu. The most expen­sive one on this list. The price of the device is from 1,500,000 rubles. Lux­u­ri­ous phones are made by crafts­men by hand. The pro­duc­tion uses steel, tita­ni­um, gold, leather (the choice of mate­ri­als depends on the mod­el).

Ver­tu are styl­ish and very expen­sive. Pho­to: youla.link

Feature phones and security

Such a gad­get is not 100% pro­tec­tion against scam­mers. Yes, you can’t link NFC pay­ment to it or install a bank­ing util­i­ty, so it’s more secure. For exam­ple, attack­ers will not receive your card details.

But such gad­gets have a brows­er, you can install games and var­i­ous util­i­ties on them. And along with them, you can down­load virus­es that will turn the phone into a “brick” or “merge” data (for exam­ple, a phone book) to a scam­mer.

There­fore, it is always impor­tant to remem­ber the rules for the safe use of gad­gets:

  • do not fol­low links from mes­sages;
  • do not down­load games and pro­grams from unknown / dubi­ous sites;
  • set a pass­word on your phone.

We hope that this arti­cle helped you under­stand which fea­ture phone to choose in 2022 and why you need such a device.