Lis­ten­ing to music with plea­sure is impos­si­ble with­out the help of high-qual­i­ty head­phones. They are respon­si­ble for the pow­er, vol­ume and clar­i­ty of each sound. In addi­tion, it is impor­tant to con­sid­er con­ve­nience, which is why we decid­ed to pick up sev­er­al options for wire­less head­phones, each of which will per­fect­ly cope with music play­back.

  1. JBL T450BT

JBL is prac­ti­cal­ly a guar­an­tee of qual­i­ty for any audio equip­ment, and espe­cial­ly when it comes to head­phones. Unsur­pris­ing­ly, the JBL T450BT on-ear wire­less head­phones are one of the best options at a very attrac­tive price. Head­phones allow 11 hours of bat­tery life with­out the need for recharg­ing. In oth­er words, you can use the JBL T450BT all day long. Direct­ly on the ear cup are but­tons to con­trol music and calls if you con­nect the head­phones to a smart­phone. Also, there is a micro­phone on the case. The fold­able design makes it eas­i­er to trans­port the device: the head­phones fit eas­i­ly into a bag. The con­nec­tion with the play­back device takes place via Blue­tooth 4.0. The head­phone fre­quen­cy range is 20–20000Hz, and the device weighs 295g. In gen­er­al, JBL T450BT is a good choice for those who are not look­ing for an expen­sive mod­el, but choose the qual­i­ty and ser­vice life.

  1. Sennheis­er RS ​​160

Among audio brands, Sennheis­er stands out as a man­u­fac­tur­er of pro­fes­sion­al equip­ment. The Sennheis­er RS ​​160 wire­less closed-back head­phone sys­tem is there­fore the per­fect choice for all sound qual­i­ty enthu­si­asts. The sys­tem con­sists of head­phones direct­ly with com­fort­able soft cups and a trans­mit­ter that is syn­chro­nized with the play­back device. The device is pow­ered by NiMH bat­ter­ies. Up to four pairs of head­phones can be con­nect­ed to one base, so you can watch movies and lis­ten to music from one device. The range is 20 meters. The head­phones are wire­less, and the fre­quen­cy range is from 18 to 21000 Hz, that is, the device copes with both low and high fre­quen­cies, allow­ing you to lis­ten to var­i­ous gen­res of music. In addi­tion to the com­fort­able head­band and earcups, the head­phones have a styl­ish look and fold­able design. There are sound con­trol but­tons on the bowl. Of course, head­phones from Sennheis­er are a qual­i­ty assem­bly and a long ser­vice life.

  1. Urbanears Hel­las Rush

Anoth­er mod­el of on-ear head­phones is the Urbanears Hel­las Rush. Head­phones have a mod­ern design and bright appear­ance. How­ev­er, this is not all. Urbanears are per­fect for play­ing sports and lis­ten­ing to music any­time, any­where. The Urbanears Hel­las Rush fea­tures remov­able, wash­able ear pads and a head­band that absorbs mois­ture. The music con­trol but­tons are locat­ed right on the ear cup, you can switch tracks in the playlist and answer calls if you use a smart­phone. The head­phones are equipped with a micro­phone. The fre­quen­cy range is 20–20000Hz, and the max­i­mum pow­er is 50mW. Head­phones can also be used with a detach­able cord. Anoth­er fea­ture of the Urbanears Hel­las Rush is their light weight, as the ear­phones are intend­ed main­ly for those who play sports, the ear­buds weigh only 130g. Urbanears Hel­las Rush is an excel­lent choice for active and mobile music lovers.

  1. Mar­shall Major III Blue­tooth

Mar­shall is anoth­er com­pa­ny that spe­cial­izes in the pro­duc­tion of pro­fes­sion­al audio equip­ment. There­fore, it will not sur­prise any­one that the Mar­shall Major are head­phones with amaz­ing sound. The padded head­band is cov­ered in a nice soft mate­r­i­al, the same as the ear cups. The ear­phones have a fold­able design that allows you to put them in your bag. All acces­sories are made of high qual­i­ty mate­ri­als, which ensures dura­bil­i­ty. Mar­shal­l’s head­phone design is clas­sic, with the same retro touch as its loud­speak­ers and ampli­fiers.

The head­phones are wire­less, the fre­quen­cy range is 20–20000 Hz, because the Mar­shall Major III Blue­tooth cope with music of any genre, repro­duc­ing both bass and high notes equal­ly clear­ly. On the case there is a pow­er but­ton and a micro­phone. Head­phones work up to 30 hours in play­back mode after a sin­gle charge.

  1. Koss Por­ta Pro Wire­less

If you like the real retro design and the leg­endary mod­el of head­phones, then you should not spend a lot of time look­ing — just choose the Koss Por­ta Pro Wire­less. These head­phones are already one of the most rec­og­niz­able mod­els, but this time they are made in a wire­less form. The head­phone design is fold­able, plus you can always adjust the head­band to fit your device. Between the head­phones there is a wire, on which there is a con­trol pan­el for switch­ing and vol­ume and a bat­tery. The sound qual­i­ty is no dif­fer­ent from the wired mod­el, so the Koss Por­ta Pro Wire­less sup­ports a range of 15–25000Hz, which is wider than many sim­i­lar mod­els. The head­phones are syn­chro­nized with the play­back device via Blue­tooth 4.1. After a sin­gle charge cycle, the ear­buds will last up to 12 hours with­out need­ing to be recharged. Koss Por­ta Pro Wire­less are com­fort­able head­phones for those who val­ue qual­i­ty.

  1. Blue­dio UFO U

With a futur­is­tic design and great sound, this is the Blue­dio UFO U wire­less ear­phone. The ear­buds are designed with 4 dynam­ic dri­vers to enhance the sound qual­i­ty. The ergonom­ic design of the device pro­vides com­fort and con­ve­nience when using. Blue­dio UFO U are syn­chro­nized with the play­back device via Blue­tooth 4.1, which guar­an­tees a good con­nec­tion and smooth sound. In addi­tion, the head­phones have a 3.5mm jack for wired con­nec­tion, and with­out a wire they work at a dis­tance of up to 10 meters from the main device. The design includes a micro­phone, so Blue­dio UFO U can also be used as a head­set. The fre­quen­cy range sup­port­ed by this head­phone mod­el is 5–25000Hz, which is wider than the range avail­able to the human ear. Head­phones have a fold­ing design and large soft bowls, on which there are vol­ume and track switch­es. The head­band also has a com­fort­able shape and is firm­ly held on the head. Blue­dio UFO U is a mod­ern and styl­ish choice.

  1. Audio-Tech­ni­ca ATH-SR5BT BK

Audio-Tech­ni­ca is a pop­u­lar head­phone brand asso­ci­at­ed with qual­i­ty and vari­ety. The Audio-Tech­ni­ca ATH-SR5BT BK is a wire­less head­phone mod­el with a soft head­band. Styl­ish and mod­ern design in the best tra­di­tions of the com­pa­ny is sup­port­ed by a com­fort­able design. The head­phones are fold­able, so they are very con­ve­nient to car­ry. On the cups, which are cov­ered with soft mate­r­i­al, there are but­tons for switch­ing tracks, adjust­ing the vol­ume and answer­ing calls. Of course, the head­phones also have a built-in micro­phone with good sound and block­ing extra­ne­ous noise. Audio-Tech­ni­ca ATH-SR5BT BK can also be used with a wire; for this, a spe­cial con­nec­tor is pro­vid­ed in the design. The fre­quen­cy range that this mod­el sup­ports is 5–40000Hz. Weigh­ing in at 185g, the ear­phones last all day on a sin­gle charge, so these ear­buds are ide­al for any task — whether as a head­set, lis­ten­ing to music, or play­ing games or play­ing sports.

  1. Soul X‑Tra Black

This mod­el is designed for active lovers of music and sports. The head­phones are light­weight and have a com­fort­able design so that you can enjoy your favorite tracks any­time, any­where. Head­phones even pro­vide LED indi­ca­tors for those who love night and evening runs on the street. Soul X‑Tra Black have replace­able ear pads that absorb mois­ture and sweat. They are wash­able, so you have absolute­ly noth­ing to wor­ry about. Head­phones can be con­nect­ed to a play­back device either via Blue­tooth or with a detach­able cable. With a sin­gle charge, the ear­phones eas­i­ly work up to 24 hours of play­back. Charg­ing for 150 min­utes of music play­back takes only 15 min­utes. The Soul X‑Tra Black has a fold­able design so you can car­ry it in your bag or back­pack. The repro­ducible fre­quen­cy range is 20–20000Hz. There are con­trol but­tons on the earcups so that you can always adjust the vol­ume and switch tracks with ease and con­ve­nience.

  1. Beats Stu­dio 3

Sure­ly every­one in the world has heard of Beats head­phones. They are known for their sound qual­i­ty and a wide range of dif­fer­ent mod­els, one of which is the wire­less Beats Stu­dio 3. These head­phones use Pure ANC tech­nol­o­gy to active­ly block out exter­nal noise. The head­phones are pow­ered by the Apple W1 proces­sor, which allows you to sim­ply syn­chro­nize the device with any Apple devices. On a sin­gle charge, Beats Stu­dio 3 can last up to 22 hours of music play­back and up to 40 hours with­out Pure ANC. In 10 min­utes you can charge them for three hours of music. Head­phones are syn­chro­nized via Blue­tooth. The soft ear cush­ions pro­vide com­fort­able wear­ing and ven­ti­la­tion, and the spe­cial design of the ear­phones fits snug­ly and is com­fort­able for chil­dren and adults. Beats Stu­dio 3 is equipped with a micro­phone, so you can use it as a head­set. The sound range is 20–20000Hz, and if desired, they can be con­nect­ed via a wire.

  1. Master&Dynamic MW60

The Master&Dynamic MW60 are wire­less head­phones with incred­i­ble sound qual­i­ty and built to last for years. The Master&Dynamic MW60 has a fold­able design and was designed with atten­tion to detail and qual­i­ty mate­ri­als. So, the head­phones are equipped with stain­less steel parts and an all-alu­minum anten­na. Head­phone design com­bines futur­ism and con­ve­nience. The head­band is cov­ered with soft gen­uine leather, as are the ear pads. The bat­tery sup­ports up to 16 hours of oper­a­tion on a sin­gle charge. The fre­quen­cy range is from 5 to 25000 Hz. Head­phones work both through a radio chan­nel and through a wire with a 3.5mm jack. The cups are large in order to com­plete­ly cov­er the ear and not let in extra­ne­ous sounds. The Master&Dynamic MW60 is also equipped with a micro­phone for high-qual­i­ty com­mu­ni­ca­tion. The head­phones weigh a lot com­pared to oth­er mod­els — 345mm. The fold­able design makes it easy to store and car­ry the head­phones. Master&Dynamic MW60 is an excel­lent choice for every con­nois­seur of high qual­i­ty sound.